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Banger Hookah Shisha Tobacco

In spring 2021, Timur Yunusov, also known as Timati, made an exciting move by launching his Banger tobacco line through a close partnership with BlackBurn Hookah Tobacco, a three-time recipient of the esteemed Tobacco of the Year award.

Banger, as an independent and full-fledged product, has made a resounding impact. It has successfully captured the interest of a substantial audience and pleasantly surprised both experienced connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of Hookah smoking.

Banger Tobacco FAQ?

What Is Banger Hookah Tobacco?

Our foundation consists of dark, low-nicotine Burley leaf, offering a comfortably moderate strength. This makes it an excellent choice for everyday shisha smoking, appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Furthermore, our tobacco exhibits enhanced heat resistance, thanks to a distinctive blend of glucose and fructose sourced from Europe and America. This unique combination ensures that you can enjoy an extended smoking experience without compromising the flavor and aroma.

What size packaging does Banger Tobacco come in?

Our tobacco is available in a convenient 100g can with a club-style design that underscores its connection to Timati. This can also serves to maintain the freshness of the shisha.

The can is finished with stenciled varnish and matte lamination, offering a satisfying tactile feel. Additionally, the logo design incorporates holographic elements that not only capture attention but also fluoresce under ultraviolet light.