Collection: Fantasia Tobacco

FANTASIA DISTRIBUTION, INC designs, markets, manufactures, and distributes Hookah & Vape products globally.  With Premium Flavors as the company’s specialty, Fantasia has created many products to be the leaders in the Industry. Boasting over 100 flavors in a various product types, which include Hookah Tobacco, Nicotine Free Hookah Shisha, Vape, E-Liquid, and E-Hookah, they have a wide array of products that is guaranteed to meet your customer’s demands and price comfort. 

Fantasia is known for their innovative products and unique Flavors manufactured in the USA. When paired with being FDA compliant, Fantasia Distribution, Inc is the only hookah company that 100% manufactures their entire hookah flavor line from Tobacco, E-Hookah, E-Liquids, to all Alternative Hookah products in the United States of America. Unlike other companies who import their tobacco flavored to be repackaged, or import their E-Liquid and E-Hookahs assembled from China, Fantasia formulates and assembles their flavored products entirely in Orange County, California. This investment and operation allows Fantasia to have superior quality control and product availability. (**Only Disposable and Rechargeable Vape products branded with Fantasia are Made in China). 

Fantasia’s success is derived from its loyal customer base who they have gained over the years. With the party and nightlife scene in mind, the company markets its premium flavors to an energetic crowd that knows how to enjoy life to its fullest. Being one of the oldest Hookah companies in the USA, Fantasia sets itself apart by offering established products to their customers and consumers. Fantasia also designs Hookah Accessories, Hookah Pipes and an exclusive hookah charcoal called Air-Flow® Charcoal. 

*100% USA Made
*FDA Compliant

*Over 100 Flavors

*Signature Flavor Blends
*Intellectual Property
*Premium Quality & Consistency

Innovating Hookah Flavors is Fantasia’s core competence. Flavoring components are imported, collected, and blended from all over the world including Belgium, France, Egypt, USA, and other countries to ensure only the finest formulation for each signature flavor. Each flavor blend is applied methodically to the different product types in order to provide a consistent flavor experience. Every flavor is carefully tested for accuracy and quality prior to release. 

Many of Fantasia’s flavors are trademarked and protected to ensure exclusivity and uniqueness that cannot be duplicated.