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What is your hookah setup preference?

Throughout my journey in the hookah community, I’ve tested a wide variety of hookah pipes and my preference always leaned towards the open draw. At the beginning of said journey, it all started with Khalil Mamoons and Mya QTs. However, once I learned what products were out there at the time, I
purchased the Union Sleek. This was my first performance pipe and I love it equally the same now as I did since day one. There’s plenty of sentimental value. As time went by, I bought the Aeon Lounge 4 and it has grown to be one of my most reliable and satisfactory pipes to smoke from. Open draw, stainless
steel, beautiful base, simple yet aesthetic purge, minimal water needed, and customizable… it’s a beast.

What is your go to bowl?

My bowl collection is perpetually growing. At the time of writing this, I am just over 170 bowls; each tested and used with different shishas, different HMDs, different coals, and on different pipes. From my experience, I can’t give just one go-to bowl, so here are my top 5 bowls: Alpaca Suri, Alpaca Mini Rook,
BSTD Eco Phunnel, Mason Shishaware Gravyl, and the Overdozz G2 bowl. I can go on forever as to why I love these bowls, what each is used for, and best recommendations for what shishas to use with them, etc.

What is your favorite hose/hoses and why?

I personally don’t have a major preference when it comes to hoses or hose handles. The only thing I ask for is that the hose is a clean, soft touch silicone hose and that the handle has some weight to it. There are some beautiful, handmade handles on the market and several simplistic slim ones that will all get the job done. I just never took the time to pay attention to which is my favorite from a performance standpoint.

Top Mixes

  1. I’ll start by sharing a mix that I first dubbed my own in 2021, and that was the Mythic Bowl. It consisted of Overdozz 24Karatine, Trifecta Morning Glory, Trifecta Blonde Peppermint Shake, and Trifecta Bonafide. This was a staple mix I began sharing with several people and what sparked my interest to experiment with shisha mixology. (Ratios are 40-30-20-10 respectively)
  2. One of my favorite Musthave mixes is one I don’t publicly share, only if you smoke with me in person. It’s my own fruity, cereal mix (think of Trix, Fruit Loops, and Fruity Pebbles altogether). This one contains more than the typical quantity of shishas for a mix, which is usually 3 or 4. Here we have 7 flavors… trust me on this. Musthave Orange Team, Tropic Juice, Mango Sling, Lemon-Lime, Pinkman, Milky Rice, and Frosty. (Ratios top secret lol)
  3. Now, Tangiers. So many mixes come to mind, but I’ll share one that I have been recently in love with. Tangiers Eric’s Mango, Foreplay on the Peach, and Empire Mint has been such a refreshing profile overall and one I been smoking for 2 months straight. Empire Mint works with almost any Tangiers fruity flavors and brings life into mix (Ratios are 50-30-20 respectively)
  4. A nice dessert mix I also enjoy is Haze Ohh-Chata, Tangiers It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal, and Cane Mint. I aim for a semi-dense pack here since the ratios of Haze to Tangiers is 50-50. The lemon notes in Breakfast Cereal works so well with the creamy, spiced notes from Ohh0Chata while delivering a nice, cool feel on the exhale from the Cane Mint. (Ratios 50-30-20 respectively)
  5. The last mix is unique, meaning the way it is packed and the items used. However, the flavor experience is amazing. For this, I use a Solaris bowl and I layer pack Cane Mint at the bottom, trying to avoid blocking the holes. It is mostly packed along the curve within. Then, I sprinkle some Element Air Gelato al Pistaccio to mid-level, place a pinch’s worth of Trifecta Indian Kheer on top, and finally top it off to the rim with more Gelato al Pistaccio in a semi-fluffy state. Place a Lotus 1+, 3 coconut cubes, and enjoy.

How I Got into Hookah

My first experience with hookah was at a sports bar and lounge in Astoria, Queens, NY at the age of 21. My friends and I would always go to shoot some pool and smoke on the weekends. Back then, no one cared to I.D. you and we were cool with the owners. I had no idea what hookah was, what it was made
of, brand, flavor… NOTHING. All I knew was it looked cool, it had a good flavor (at the time), and we always needed one while we played. The ol’ reliable Khalil Mamoons with the Egyptian clay bowl, Starbuzz Blue Mist and Al-Fakher Mint was the usual. Big surprise, right?

Fast forward about 6 or 7 years of just casual lounge smoking, my friends and I got tired of the lounges and the bad experiences. We went to a local smoke shop and all pitched in to buy a Mya QT, Coconara coals, some Starbuzz and Al-Fakher flavors, and one Egyptian clay bowl. We started hanging out at a
friend’s garage and we all made the effort to prepare the hookah, with not a single soul knowing what we were doing. You know those giant industrial looking heaters you would see at a mechanic shop that glows red hot and blows hot air? Well we didn’t realize we needed a burner for the Coconara coals, so we used the one in the garage to light coals.

One day in the summer of 2018, I said to myself, “I can figure this out and be good at it.” That was the start of me learning and the start of Mythic Cloudz. I eventually joined a hookah group, learned some stuff there, began reviewing products, and everything kicked off from there. I met so many people along
the way, some I can call family now. Once I left that group, I began doing all my blogging solo and continued helping everyone and anyone with pack methods, product recommendations, and whatever else about hookah. I joined Hookah University in 2022 and met some great individuals during HEW who were all welcoming, a blast to be around, and shared similar perspectives as I do.
I firmly believe that everyone has the right to smoke how they want to smoke. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. My goal is to lead this mindset and keep the community on track with positivity, togetherness, and respect for everyone’s opinion and the methods they use for smoking that
satisfies them.

I am proud to be part of the Hookah Vault fam and shoutout to all my friends and family for supporting me through the years. Cheers to you all!