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Eternal Smoke 50g

Color: Aloha Nights
Product description

Eternal Smoke Product Description

  • Product Brand: Eternal Smoke
  • Product Category: Shisha Tobacco
  • Product Size: 50G
  • Product Flavors: Blue Lit, Peach Lit, Red Lips, Lemon Lit, Houdini's Secret, Caribbean Nights, Lime Lit, Watermelon Lit, Aloha Nights, Dolce Banana

Eternal Smoke Shisha Hookah Tobacco:

Eternal Smoke, Inc. is a premium hookah tobacco with unique, authentic flavors and finely chopped hookah tobacco.

Eternal Smoke Hookah Bowl Recommendation:

The recommended bowl for Eternal Smoke is the Alpaca LiPache or Alpaca Egy Bowl

Eternal Smoke Flavor Profiles:

Aloha Nights: A violet delight of deliciousness will embark your taste buds. The perfect mix of tangy, cooled berries and bright plum flavors will have you dreaming for more. It’s like a berry smoothie, just more fun.

Blue Lit: Relax your mind with this icy delight that will spark your senses of fresh blueberries. Smoke this refreshingly tangy flavor to blast your taste buds with a frosty and fruity taste that will take you on a memorable and chilly journey.

Caribbean Nights: We’ve combined the perfect mix of exotic fruits, so you won’t have to worry about mixing anything with it. This one is full of flavors that you’ve never tasted before but trust us, you’ll definitely come back for more.

Dolce Banana: Gratify your taste buds with a mouth watering delicacy. Sweet, delicious bananas make up this rich, creamy pudding. Give it a whirl, we think you'll find it to be quite a-peeling!

Houdini's Secret: Be the king of the smoke clouds with our guava melon rose flavor. Not only are the smoke clouds thick, but the taste is of sweet guava, juicy melon, and fresh rose with an unexpected hint of EXTREME.

Lemon Lit: This is definitely one that’s going to wake your taste buds right up. The combination of zesty lemon and icy cold is going to instantly chill you in the most refreshing way.

Lime Lit: The perfect sweet citrus taste of lime and cool arctic taste come together seamlessly in our lime ice flavor. The bright flavor, the smoke, there’s nothing more satisfying.

Peach Lit: A perfect flavor for anyone at any time. Your taste buds will be filled with a delicious peach taste and a chilly sensation giving you all sorts of fuzzy feelings.

Red Lips: A true classic taste that everyone can enjoy. The taste of fresh strawberries mixed with a creamy milkshake will have you indulging in that sweet tooth over and over.

Watermelon Lit: What’s more refreshing than an icy cold watermelon? This is a great flavor to cool down your senses on hot summer days...or whenever.

Buy Eternal Smoke Hookah Tobacco from Hookah Vault: 

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Hookah Vault is an authorized online Eternal Smoke retailer. We offer a wide selection of trusted brands and products and provide fast shipping. Explore our wide selection of premium products and enjoy the Hookah Vault experience!

Product Disclaimer: 

You must be 21 years or older to purchase this product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Eternal Smoke Shisha Tobacco FAQs:

What is Shisha?

Shisha also known as Hookah tobacco is tobacco leaves mixed with glycerin, molasses or honey with added flavoring. The result of this mixture will leave your tobacco with a sticky, wet tobacco texture that should only be smoked out of a hookah. 

Why Should I Purchase Eternal Smoke Shisha Tobacco from Hookah Vault?

We are an Authorized Eternal Smoke Online Retailer! Hookah has been a passion of ours for many years, and we want to share that passion with each and every one of you while growing the hookah community. We are ready and eager to unlock a fresh and new hookah experience with you!

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