URB Globe Egyptian Bowl

URB Globe Egyptian Bowl

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Globe Egyptian Hookah Bowl by UrbBowls Product Details:

The Globe Egyptian Bowl is a revolutionary blend of two classic styles, the Pilz and Egyptian bowls. Its proprietary design ensures superior heat retention and an optimal smoking experience for all types of blonde leaf tobacco. The Globe is the only bowl of its kind, created specifically to meet the needs of 5 hole packers.

  • Height = 3 7/20 inch
  • Weight Empty = 396 gr
  • Weight Dark = 428 gr
  • Weight Blonde = 418 gr
  • Style = Egypstian
  • Charcoals = Preferred Flats, Cubes, Natural, and Mini’s.
  • HMD Compatible = Yes
  • Provost Compatible = Yes
  • Heat Retention = High
  • Suggested Tobacco = Blonde & Dark

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URB Bowl FAQs:

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Pair up the URB Globe Egyptian Bowl with Ascent Bowls - HV Prototype (ONLY 10 Made) or Cyril Silicone 16mm (Purple) for an optimal hookah experience.