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Watermelon Lit 250g

Watermelon Lit 250g

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Eternal Smoke Product Description:

Watermelon Lit Flavor Profile:

What’s more refreshing than an icy cold watermelon? This is a great flavor to cool down your senses on hot summer days...or whenever.

Eternal Smoke Shisha Hookah Tobacco:

Eternal Smoke, Inc. has been a leading provider in the hookah & shisha industry for decades, having crafted its superior products in Orlando, FL. Customers can choose from a wide variety of flavors and top-notch tobaccos to savor. Each product is made with great responsibility and attention to detail for an optimal experience.

It is strongly recommended to utilize Watermelon Lit 250g with a Alpaca Egy Bowl or Urb Egy Bowl for optimal performance.

Buy Eternal Smoke Hookah Tobacco from Hookah Vault: 

Hookah Vault Los Angeles guarantees their customers safe and reliable Eternal Smoke products, plus speedy and expert shipping. Each Eternal Smoke item is composed of top-notch and dependable components, offering a genuine hookah experience. At Hookah Vault Los Angeles, enjoy the security of prompt delivery.

Product Disclaimer: 

You must be 21 years or older to purchase this product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Eternal Smoke Shisha Tobacco FAQs:

What is Shisha?

Shisha Hookah tobaccos utilize tobacco leaves, glycerol, molasses, and honey mixtures to achieve ideal levels of humidity for Hookah pipes. Premium ingredients ensure flavor that's out of this world and a smooth smoking experience every time.

Why Should I Purchase Eternal Smoke Shisha Tobacco from Hookah Vault?

Experience the Hookah Vault journey with Watermelon Lit 250g! Enjoy remarkable and astounding shisha moments. Try now and unlock amazing possibilities! Watermelon Lit 250g offers a subtle, relaxed flavor. Revel in the most remarkable shisha experience with this perfect mix.

Experience a more pleasurable hookah session with Premium Hookah Coals and Heat Management Devices. These components offer optimal temperatures, flavors, and and makes for an enjoyable experience.