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Alpha Hookah

Welcome to the world of ALPHA HOOKAH – the top brand reshaping the hookah experience. Over the past seven years, they've led the way in innovation, transforming the hookah market with their exceptional and carefully crafted hookahs, known for their captivating designs.

Starting from scratch, they've grown into a full-scale production powerhouse with a committed team of 100 experts. Despite their growth, they've maintained a cozy, family-like atmosphere.

HOOKAH'S FAMILY is all about respect, support, and progress.

In 2018, they unveiled the Model X through ALPHA HOOKAH, featuring an innovative vertical blowdown mechanism. This groundbreaking invention has consistently won top honors at Russian Shisha exhibitions for five years in a row.

The Model X triggered a revolution, inspiring numerous replicas worldwide.

Their wide range of designs allows for personalization, letting users customize shafts and accessories to suit their preferences. Owning an ALPHA HOOKAH becomes a coveted aspiration.

Their product standards are unparalleled. Every day, their production and office teams work relentlessly to ensure that each hookah leaving their facility boasts the utmost quality and design.

With a presence in over 80 countries, ALPHA HOOKAH stands as a global sensation. Their hookahs are chosen for personal enjoyment and by various businesses – including bars, restaurants, and corporations. They're in demand for projects and major exhibitions, epitomizing excellence in the hookah realm.

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