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320 Precut Hookah Foil Sheets

320 Precut Hookah Foil Sheets

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320 Precut Foil Sheets Product Description:

Crafted from premium-grade materials, our 320 Hookah Foil is engineered to withstand the intense heat generated by hookah coals. Each pre-cut sheet is meticulously measured and precisely sized, eliminating the need for manual cutting and saving you time and effort.

With their robust construction, these heavy-duty foil sheets provide a sturdy and dependable barrier between the charcoal and your shisha. Say goodbye to foil tears and disruptions – our foil ensures a smooth and uninterrupted smoking experience.

The precise thickness of our foil guarantees optimal heat distribution, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance of heat and flavor in every puff. Enjoy thick, flavorful clouds of smoke as the heat from the coals interacts harmoniously with your favorite shisha blend.

Upgrade your hookah sessions with the reliability and performance of our 320 Hookah Foil Pre-Cut Sheets. Experience a new level of convenience and enjoy uninterrupted smoking sessions filled with rich flavor and satisfying clouds of smoke.

320 Precut Foil Sheets Details:

  • Product Brand: 320 Hookah
  • Product Category: Hookah Foil
  • Extra Thick Aluminium Foil- brought to you by the 320° Coal team!
  • 40 Micron thick!
  • 150mm x 150mm Precut Square Sheets!
  • 50 Sheets per pack!
  • Not pre-holed – because hole pattern is a personal preference!

Additional Information: 

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Why Should I Purchase 320 Precut Hookah Foil from Hookah Vault?

Here at Hookah Vault we are proud to offer the best and most exclusive tobacco, shisha, hookah charcoal,  hookahs and accessories from around the world. We personally hand picked and tested each item to make sure it is up the the HV quality standard. Hookah has been a passion of ours for many years, and we want to share that passion with each and every one of you while growing the hookah community. We are ready and eager to unlock a fresh and new hookah experience with you! 

Pair up the 320 Precut Hookah Foil Sheets with VZ Copper Tongs or Maklaud Blade Poker for an optimal hookah experience.