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Fumari Hookah Tobacco

Fumari stands as a prominent shisha brand within the United States. Since 1997, Fumari has been devoted to introducing the Middle Eastern hookah culture to the Southern California community. Similar to Tangiers hookah tobacco, Fumari also originated and produced in San Diego, California. The Fumari hookah tobacco is available in two pack sizes - 100 grams and 1000 grams pouches. These pouches are designed with seals to preserve the freshness and lifespan of the hookah tobacco.

Fumari Frequently Asked Questions:

How much nicotine is in Fumari Hookah Tobacco?

Fumari is a blonde leaf hookah tobacco with nicotine content of 0.05%.

How much coals do I need for Fumari shisha?

Because Fumari, like Al Fakher, is made from blonde leaf tobacco, remember to use up to 3 hookah coals at most for your session. Using more than 3 coals could cause the shisha to burn, requiring you to repack your hookah bowl.

What's the best way to store Fumari shisha?

For optimal storage of Fumari hookah tobacco, it's recommended to maintain it within its original packaging featuring a sealing mechanism that preserves freshness.

Why should I purchase Fumari shisha from Hookah Vault?

When you buy Fumari shisha at Hookah Vault, rest assured that you're receiving genuine Fumari Hookah products. As an authorized online retailer of Fumari, we take pride in offering our customers authentic, high-quality shisha. Trust in Hookah Vault as your dependable source for all Hookah products.