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Ambrosia 100g

Ambrosia 100g

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Fumari Product Description:

  • Product Brand: Fumari
  • Product Category: Shisha Tobacco
  • Product Size: 100G
  • Product Flavors: Ambrosia

Fumari Ambrosia Flavor Description:

In Greek Mythology, drinking ambrosia was believed to make you immortal. With its smooth, sweet melon hookah tobacco flavor with smoke so thick and delicious, you’ll be a modern-day god of the clouds.

Fumari American Premium Hookah Tobacco:

Fumari hookah tobacco is crafted in the USA with premium ingredients, from hand-picked tobacco leaves to carefully-blended flavors. Its flue-cured Virginia tobacco has the ideal amount of stems for a consistent burn. Strips are cut to be a uniform size, facilitating an even heat distribution and a tightly-packed bowl. Using a two-stage aging process, the tobacco absorbs flavorings to the fullest and releases unique taste profiles. Fumari flavors are made day by day in small batches and sealed in air-tight pouches to retain the maximum flavor.

The recommended bowl for Fumari is the Alpaca Lipache Bowl or Alpaca Egy Bowl.

Buy Fumari Hookah Tobacco from Hookah Vault: 

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Hookah Vault is an authorized online Fumari retailer. We offer a wide selection of trusted brands and products and provide fast shipping. Explore our wide selection of premium products and enjoy the Hookah Vault experience!

Product Disclaimer: 

You must be 21 years or older to purchase this product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fumari Shisha Tobacco FAQs:

What is Shisha?

Shisha also known as Hookah tobacco is tobacco leaves mixed with glycerin, molasses or honey with added flavoring. The result of this mixture will leave your tobacco with a sticky, wet tobacco texture that should only be smoked out of a hookah. 

Why Should I Purchase Fumari Shisha Tobacco from Hookah Vault?

We are an Authorized Fumari Online Retailer! Hookah has been a passion of ours for many years, and we want to share that passion with each and every one of you while growing the hookah community. We are ready and eager to unlock a fresh and new hookah experience with you!

Pair up the Fumari 100g with Regal Orange Black Dymondwood Queen Hookah or Regal Brown Queen Hookah for an optimal hookah experience.