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White Peach 100g

White Peach 100g

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Fumari Product Description:

  • Product Brand: Fumari
  • Product Category: Shisha Tobacco
  • Product Size: 100G
  • Product Flavors: White Peach

Fumari White Peach Flavor Description:

A great all-around-anytime-anywhere kind of hookah tobacco flavor. The luscious fruit flavor of sun-kissed white peaches will soak into your taste buds. Fumari White Peach is a long-time customer favorite, and one we smoke on the regular.

Fumari American Premium Hookah Tobacco:

Fumari hookah tobacco is meticulously crafted in the USA with hand-selected tobacco leaves and natural flavorings. The Virginia leaves are precisely cut to ensure an even burning, while the tailored strip length maximizes heat distribution and packing success. To guarantee a robust flavor, the product is aged to allow the flavorings to fully penetrate the leaves. Moreover, small-batch production and airtight pouches ensure that flavor intensity is maintained.

Fumari's preferred bowls are the Cornetto Tradi Bowl and Alpaca Egy Bowl. These clay bowls are designed to maintain heat for up to an hour, while their classic shape ensures even airflow and a flavorful smoke session.

Buy Fumari Hookah Tobacco from Hookah Vault: 

Hookah Vault, a respected online store based in Los Angeles, CA, dispatches favorite brands and items quickly. Customers can savor top-notch products with the security of Hookah Vault's purpose.

Product Disclaimer: 

You must be 21 years or older to purchase this product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fumari Shisha Tobacco FAQs:

What is Shisha?

Shisha, more commonly known as Hookah tobacco, is a blend of the dried leaves of certain plants, glycerin, molasses, honey, and flavorings. When heated in a Hookah, this mix produces a thick, syrupy texture.

Why Should I Purchase Fumari Shisha Tobacco from Hookah Vault?

As an authorized Fumari vendor, we draw on decades of expertise to deliver essential hookah knowledge and guidance. Our ambition is to enrich your hookah experience and propel the growth of the hookah community.

Enhance your shisha smoking experience with Fumari 100g and top-tier hookah models like Steamulation and Alpha Hookahs.