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Hoob Hookah

Founded in October 2013, the Hoob company embarked on a journey inspired by the idea of crafting unique designer hookahs. The journey began with the intention of creating a hookah that stood apart from the traditional designs. This marked the beginning of an extensive exploration into design, materials, treatments, coatings, and various technical aspects. The goal was to ensure that Hoob hookahs met the contemporary market's demands.

Throughout this journey, the company experimented with different metal alloys, including high-grade aluminum, along with techniques like sandblasting and anti-vandal coatings. Countless efforts were invested to achieve the quality and aesthetics that define Hoob hookahs today. The commitment to excellence and innovation has led to the exceptional appearance and craftsmanship evident in every Hoob hookah.

Discover the result of years of dedication and exploration – Hoob hookahs, where creativity and quality blend seamlessly to offer a distinctive shisha experience.