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Regal Hookah

Regal Hookah, breaking conventions and redefining the hookah experience. Their focus is on delivering both essential functionality for hookah enthusiasts and an unmatched luxurious indulgence for shisha smokers. Quality and performance are never compromised for cost-cutting measures at Regal Hookah.

The genesis of Regal Hookah dates back to 2009 when Jonathan Volfson established the brand with a steadfast commitment to offering the ultimate hookah smoking encounter to the global hookah community. The spark was ignited when one of Volfson's beloved Syrian wood pipes fractured at its welds. His response was to conceive a hookah design without weak welds.

Presently, Regal Hookah stands at the forefront of modern hookah innovations. The smoking experience is elevated through their pipes' edgy design contours and the use of exquisite woods sourced from various corners of the world. The outcome is amazing design paired with an unrestricted airflow, creating an unparalleled performance and style. Dive into a world of revolutionary hookah experiences with Regal Hookah.