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Al Fakher Kiwi 250g

Al Fakher Kiwi 250g

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Al Fakher Kiwi Shisha Hookah Tobacco Product Details:

Experience Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco, a well-known brand that has been producing exceptional quality shisha since 1999. With traditional and modern varieties, each 250g pouch of kiwi tobacco offers a unique and flavorful smoke. Enjoy Al Fakher Hookah tobacco and its world-renowned reputation.

Al Fakher "Kiwi" Flavor Description:

"Kiwi" is a tropical blend dense with flavor and aroma.

Al Fakher FAQ

What bowl should I use for Al Fakher?

Any hookah bowl works well with Al Fakher! Pair your Al Fakher with your favorite hookah and hookah coals!

Pair up the Al Fakher Kiwi 250g with Tangiers Tobacco Container or Tangiers Tobacco 100g 5x Variety Pack #2 for an optimal hookah experience.