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Al Fakher Lemon Mint 250g

Al Fakher Lemon Mint 250g

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Al Fakher Lemon Mint Shisha Hookah Tobacco Product Details:

Al Fakher is a well-known hookah tobacco that has been crafting traditional and modern shishas since 1999. Its 250g Lemon Mint flavor guarantees long-lasting flavor and taste with every puff. Backed by years of expertise, Al Fakher is trusted to deliver a superior smoking experience.

Al Fakher "Lemon Mint" Flavor Description:

"Lemon Mint" is a classic fusion of the evergreen lemons and cooling mint notes.

Al Fakher FAQ

What bowl should I use for Al Fakher?

You can use any hookah bowl with Al Fakher! Pair this up with your favorite hookah, bowl, coals and you are good to go!

Pair up the Al Fakher Lemon Mint 250g with Hose Spring or Japona Lotus Hookah for an optimal hookah experience.