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Apple on Top Provost II

Apple on Top Provost II

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The Apple On Top Provost Heat Management System is a remarkable addition to your hookah setup. Designed to fit the anodized aluminum rim of the AOT bowl seamlessly, the Provost controller is a game-changer. With its green handle, you can easily adjust the amount of heat for your session, and it also doubles as a wind cover for outdoor smoking.

While it may seem like the Provost is exclusively compatible with the Apple On Top bowl, it can be used with any bowl available on the market. If you prefer an easy-to-use heat management device or plan on smoking outdoors, the Provost is an excellent option even if you don't own an AOT bowl.

Simply place the Provost on top of your foil after punching the holes and wait for 3-5 minutes to begin your session. This device acts as a barrier against charcoal particles and ash, resulting in a cleaner smoking experience. Great for any shisha including: Musthave Tobacco, Tangiers Tobacco and Al Fakher!

Product Description:

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, the Provost HMD was designed with an understanding of the high temperatures generated by hookah charcoal. This accessory can accommodate 3-4 pieces of flat hookah charcoal, and with the right packing method, even 2 coals can suffice. Cleaning the Provost is a breeze - simply use water or a mild cleaner. For tougher stains or marks, a more abrasive cleaning pad and hot water can be used.

  • Provost II Heat Controller
  • Stainless steel heat controller
  • Stainless steel coal tray with wind-guard
  • Easy Cleaning

Provost fits perfect with: Small Tangiers Phunnel, Alpaca Mini Rook and Mason Stynger

Pair up the Apple on Top Provost II with Regal Hookah Silicone Mat (Black/Gold) or Al Fakher Kiwi 250g for an optimal hookah experience.