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Ascent x Hookah Vault Earth Bowl Collab (Only 20 Made)

Ascent x Hookah Vault Earth Bowl Collab (Only 20 Made)

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Ascent x Hookah Vault  Earth Bowl Collab (Only 20 Made)

Here is a NEW Hookah Vault Exclusive!

 The meticulously hand crafted Ascent Hookah Bowls draw inspiration from the Tangiers Tobacco Burley Line. This exclusive collection of 20 vessels, each displaying its own serial number (1/20 - 20/20), offer a unique, slightly varying medium capacity ranging from 13g - 18g. Ascent Hookah, a London, UK-based brand that prides itself on producing top performing, artisanal hookah products crafted from a proprietary clay blend, joined the market in 2021. Its signature faceted design reflects the mountainous region of Kashmir, and is fittingly represented in the Earth bowl: a medium size bowl designed to accommodate a variety of tobacco brands, and perfectly compatible with either HMD or foil.



Pair up the Ascent Bowls - Tangiers Inspired (ONLY 10 Made) with Regal Brown Prince Hookah or Cinnamon (#40b) 250g for an optimal hookah experience.