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BlackBurn Grape Lollipop 100g

BlackBurn Grape Lollipop 100g

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BlackBurn Grape Lollipop Product Description:

  • Product Brand: BlackBurn
  • Product Category: Shisha Tobacco
  • Product Size: 100g
  • Product Flavor: Grape Lollipop
  • Product Origin: Russian Shisha

BlackBurn "Grape Lollopop" Hookah Shisha Tobacco:

The scent is vibrant and feels like a real fruit. The taste is like grape juice – rich, occasionally tangy, with a subtle hint of honey. It's a stand-alone flavor.

The taste remains strong and accompanies you throughout your session. It's unmistakably grape juice, neither too sweet nor too tart.

This blend handles heat well, recovering quickly if overheated, and it's on the stronger side. It's a juicy and incredibly long-lasting flavor.