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BlackBurn Shock, Currant Shock 100g

BlackBurn Shock, Currant Shock 100g

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BlackBurn Shock, Currant Shock Product Description:

  • Product Brand: BlackBurn
  • Product Category: Shisha Tobacco
  • Product Size: 100g
  • Product Flavor: Shock, Currant Shock
  • Product Origin: Russian Shisha

BlackBurn "Shock, Currant Shock" Hookah Shisha Tobacco:

This one's a must-try for blackcurrant fans. As soon as you open the pack, the room fills with the tangy and spicy aroma of blackcurrants, just like they're freshly picked and sitting on the table.

When you take a puff, you get that delightful tartness with strong blackcurrant flavors. It's refreshingly sour, just as you'd expect. The taste sticks around for a while, and you can get creative by mixing it with some sweet flavors if you like.