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Caesar Bases

Caesar Crystal Bohemia Hookah Base - Rock

Caesar Crystal Bohemia Hookah Base - Rock

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Caesar Crystal Bohemia Hookah Base Product Details: 

Height: approx. 25 cm

Inside Diameter opening approx. 4.5 cm

About Caesar Crystal Bohemia Hookah Base:

The ROCK TRIANGLE vase, from the famous CAESAR crystal factory, is handmade and blown in the Czech Republic. Caesar have been in the market for many years and make dining products as well as Shisha bases.

The designation Bohemian Crystal refers specifically to the high quality crystal produced in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. It is known worldwide for its clarity and its beautiful and intricate engraving. Founded in 1861, the CAESAR crystal factory produces hand-blown and cut crystal with 24% PbO (lead oxide) by combining a traditional manufacturing method that has been passed down with modern and avant-garde designs.

The ROCK TRIANGLE vase is about 25cm high and has a large opening of about 45mm to fit any type of Russian or traditional shisha pipe with a seal fastening system.

Pair up the Caesar Crystal Bohemia Hookah Base - Rock with Ascent Bowls - Earth or Cyril Carbon Hose Handle (Green) for an optimal hookah experience.