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Mason Shishaware - Stynger

Mason Shishaware - Stynger

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Mason Shishaware 2023 Stynger Product Description

Small but mighty! The Stynger is your favorite new micro capacity bowl. Holding only 8-12 grams this little guy makes sure you are getting the most out of your stash. You can literally get almost double the amount of sessions out of your favorite pack of flavoring with this shisha saving design. This bowl is designed to save you shisha and money! 

Maybe you are looking to save money by getting more out of each container of flavor, maybe you are testing out a new mix or maybe you are having a quick solo session. Especially perfect for blends that require a dense pack to ensure no flavor goes to waste.

Stynger is different than any other are other bowls in the lineup in that it features our handthrown white shishaware claybody, which is designed to give a more forgiving foundation in regards to heat which is important in a low capacity form factor. 

Due to the small form factor Stynger is best used with foil and provost setups only.

Mason Stynger works well with blonde leaf or dark tobacco. But it was made to smoke dark leaf tobacco like Tangiers Tobacco or Musthave Tobacco.


Pair up the Mason Shishaware - Stynger with Dark Cherry (#117) 250g or Shishabucks Premium Stratus HMD for an optimal hookah experience.