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Moshaik Halo + Wood Handle

Moshaik Halo + Wood Handle

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Moshaik Halo and Wood Handle Bunudle Product Description:

The HALO V2A is a stainless-steel heat management device, which is specifically designed for the use with all standard bowls.

The thermally optimized HMD features a special air flow system, designed to ensure an even heating of the tobacco and allows a contact setup without overheating the tobacco.

The integrated grid prevents ash falling on the tobacco and guarantees optimal taste and an incredible smoke experience!

The wooden handle is compatible with the Moshaik Halo. You can transport hot Moshaik Halos or adjust the heat with the wooden handle.

For easy handling, the HALO is also compatible with our wooden handle. Click here to go directly to the wooden handle.

About Moshaik

Moshaik arose from the pure passion for shisha smoking of three friends. On a summer day in Karlsruhe, an engineer, a business economist and a designer decided to set new standards within the hookah market.

 This is Moshaik. This is us.

Pair up the Moshaik Halo + Wood Handle with Regal Maroon Clear/Red/Brown Dymondwood Bishop Hookah or Tangiers Small Phunnel Bowl (#4) for an optimal hookah experience.