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MUSTHAVE Tobacco - Masala Tea 125g

MUSTHAVE Tobacco - Masala Tea 125g

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MUSTHAVE Tobacco Masala Tea 125g Product Description:

Musthave Undercoal hookah tobacco is a heat-resistant medium strength blend with an optimal flavor and aroma. Since its 2018 launch, this popular European brand has quickly gained popularity, resulting in extended, flavorful sessions.

MUSTHAVE Tobacco Masala Tea Flavor Description:

Calling all shisha aficionados! Prepare to be charmed by the Must-Have Masala Tea hookah flavor.  It's like a sip of enchantment, with a magical aroma that's a sweet and spicy tea dream, sprinkled with a dash of oriental spices that'll dance on your taste buds. First, you'll be wrapped in a cozy blanket of sweetness, and then BAM! A delightful burst of exotic spiciness will sweep you off your feet. People are raving that this shisha's flavor is one-of-a-kind, like a unicorn in the world of shisha. One session, and you'll be under its spell, craving that irresistible Masala Tea magic! 

Enjoy a superior smoking session with Musthave Masala Tea 125g Shisha, combined with top-notch hookahs such as Hoob Hookahs and Alpaca Phunnel Bowls.