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MUSTHAVE Tobacco - Tropic Juice 125g

MUSTHAVE Tobacco - Tropic Juice 125g

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MUSTHAVE Tobacco Tropic Juice 125g Product Description:

  • Product Brand: Musthave Tobacco
  • Product Category: Shisha Tobacco
  • Product Size: 125G
  • Product Flavor: Tropic Juice

Musthave Undercoal is a heat-resistant, medium strength hookah tobacco containing optimal strength and incredible aromatics. Launched in 2018, it has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the European market. Enjoy flavorful and long-lasting shisha sessions with Musthave Undercoal.

MUSTHAVE Tobacco Tropic Juice Flavor Description:

Introducing MUSTHAVE Tropic Juice - the perfect blend of pineapple and passion fruit aromas that'll have your tastebuds tingling! Get ready for a juicy, tropical experience that's like nothing else! With just one puff, you're sure to be transported to a paradise!



Pair up the MUSTHAVE Tobacco - Tropic Juice 125g with Shishabucks Premium Sky Bowl or Orange Soda (#10) 250g for an optimal hookah experience.