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Titanium Cubettes

Titanium Cubettes

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Titanium Hookah Coconut Charcoal Product Details:


Introducing the revolutionary Titanium Coconut Hookah Coals! Experience the pinnacle of quality with the newest and finest brand in the market. Unlike others, Titanium uses only 100% pressed coconut shell without any cost-cutting fillers like wood or sawdust, ensuring optimal performance and eliminating unpleasant odors.

These Cubettes are a smaller version of the renowned Titanium Cube hookah charcoal. But why did we create them?

It's all about offering you more options for superior coconut charcoal. We understand the importance of easy heat management, even though you've been managing fine without them for years.

So, here's the answer: the Cubettes combine the benefits of more choices and simplified heat control. Sometimes, the Cube coals might be too large, and flats may not be the perfect size. We recognized this and developed the Cubettes to solve those occasional dilemmas when you need an alternative solution.

Each box contains an impressive 120 Cubettes, with a total weight of just over 1kg. Prepare yourself for a longer-lasting, hassle-free hookah session with these premium Cubettes.

Experience the difference that Titanium Coconut Hookah Coals bring to your smoking sessions. Elevate your enjoyment with the ideal combination of performance, convenience, and quality. Try the Cubettes today and unlock a new level of hookah perfection.

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Titanium Coconut Hookah Coals FAQs:

Why Should I Purchase Titanium hookah coconut coals from Hookah Vault?

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Pair up the Titanium Cubettes with Steamulation Carbon Hose Handle (Blue) or Passionfruit (#69) F-Line 250g for an optimal hookah experience.