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From lemonwood, to quicklights, to silvertabs, to coconut coals, the options are endless when it comes to hookah coals. So, what are the best hookah coals to use for a premium experience? In today’s article we’ll be discussing the answer to this question and more!

In order to determine which are the best hookah coals for your needs, it’s important to first understand the different types of coals that are available and to dial in on the type of experience you’re looking for. 

There are two types of coals; natural hookah charcoal and quicklights. Lemonwood and coconut charcoal are natural coal, Three Kings are quicklight and silvertabs are a hybrid of the two categories.

Lemonwood Charcoal

Types of Hookah Coals - Lemonwood Charcoal

Lemonwood Charcoal is known as the original hookah charcoal, it may not be the go to charcoal for modern enthusiasts, however you may see them still being used in traditional hookah lounges. 

Lemonwood Coals come in various shapes and sizes, while also providing a lower heat output compared to coconut coals. Furthermore, lemonwood coals produce a lot more ash content and generally need to be changed out every 25 to 30 minutes due to this. 

While Lemonwood might not be as popular as in the past, these coals have their place in history and provide a marker for how far coals have come in the past fifteen years.

Quicklight Hookah Coals

Hookah Coal Types - Quicklight Coals

Quicklight Hookah Coals (also referred to as “quick lighting coals” or “fast lighting coals” are disc coals that are coated in a chemical accelerate, which allows the coals to be instantly lit with an open flame.

While the convenience offered by quicklight coals is definitely a positive feature, the chemical accelerant used to allow the quick lighting function can often interfere with the flavor quality of your shisha and can sometimes put off an offputting smell, especially when used indoors.

In addition, compared to other forms of hookah coals, quicklight coals will often have a shorter burn time, which means they will need to be changed out more frequently.

Japanese Style Silvertab Coals

Types of Hookah Coals - Silvertab Coals

Next is Japanese style Tangiers silvertab charcoal, known for their silver exterior and quick light times. These are a category in their own, as they share similar characteristics to quicklights and natural coconut coals. 

Tanigers coals come in small rectangles that are scored in two sections to easier break up the coals into smaller pieces. 

A silver, combustible accelerant coats the outside making these coals easy to light, much like the standard quicklight. 

These bamboo based coals put out a lower level of heat, in comparison to natural coconut charcoal. 

It is important to note that Tangiers silvertabs are the only coals that Tangiers recommends to use with their tobacco, in order to get the full flavor experience out of their tobacco. With that being said, many modern hookah smokers have found their own unique ways of packing and heating up their bowl of Tangiers tobacco to enhance their experience. 

If one is having trouble getting the heat right when starting out with Tangiers and other shisha brands, these coals can help. There are many pros when it comes to silvertab charcoal, but some enthusiasts still say that coconut charcoal provides a more premium experience than other coals. These coals are lower heat and take more management as they do not last as long as coconut coals. Still, some agree that the reward of a perfect session outweighs the slight work that is involved. Overall these are a great alternative to the standard quicklight charcoal and are definitely worth trying out if you have not gotten the chance to already.

Coconut Charcoal

Types of Hookah Coals - Coconut Coals

Last but not least are the well known coconut charcoal. 

While there are many brands on the market, not all coconut charcoal is created equal. For the enthusiast who likes higher heat, coconut cube coals are the way to go, Superior Coco charcoal specifically. 

Others who may prefer coconut coals but not be a fan of smoking hot, might be happy with Titanium Flats as they provide the perfect amount of heat for the average smoker. 

The perfect middle ground in these two categories would be Titanium Cubettes, which is a smaller brother of Titanium Cubes.  

Hookah smokers typically want coals to be medium to high heat, with little ash content, odorless when lighting, and having no “coal taste” during their hookah session, all while having a long burn time with consistent heat. 

Coconut coals provide a cleaner smoking experience as they do not use accelerants to light and do not require the same amount of work that other coals do. CocoUrth is another great example of a premium brand, as they set the standard by using new and Earth-Conscious technology. 

Coconut coals come in many shapes and sizes, catering to any hookah smoker. Whether one is using a heat management device (HMD) or going straight foil, there is a natural coal for you. With such high standards in the coconut coal market, enthusiasts do not have to compromise quality to have an affordable session. 

Qoco Turbo coals are a perfect example of quality and affordability. 

With this all being said, the only negative that some people see with coconut coals is the lighting process. They are not as easily lit (these require an electric burner or even a fireplace) and do take longer than any other coal to get lit. Still, coconut coals are a safe bet for hookah beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Which Hookah Coals are Right for You?

With so many options out there, it is interesting to see how hookah and hookah accessories have evolved over the last twenty years. It is not always necessary or even recommended to use quick lights, however they have served their place on top of many hookah bowls. Lemonwood charcoal is acceptable to try especially looking at where hookah smokers first started. However, not many people care to clean up the ash left behind or have the patience to continually be lighting charcoal for their hookah. All in all, Japanese silvertabs and coconut charcoal provide the premium experience for which many smokers are looking.

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To wrap the discussion up and give you some final suggestions from our team of hookah experts, here are our recommendations for the best hookah coals to try:


Thank you for trusting us to provide you with the best hookah products available on the market and happy smoking! 

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