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Al Fakher Grape Mint 250g

Al Fakher Grape Mint 250g

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Al Fakher Grape Mint Shisha Hookah Tobacco Product Details:

Enjoy a unique shisha experience with Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco. Established in 1999, Al Fakher is a leading international maker of traditional and modern shisha, renowned world wide. This 250g pack features their signature Grape Mint flavour, crafted with the finest tobacco leaves from the United Arab Emirates.

Al Fakher "Grape Mint" Flavor Description:

"Grape Mint" is a signature blend of grapes with a cool menthol finish.

Al Fakher FAQ

What bowl should I use for Al Fakher?

Al Fakher is a blonde leaf tobacco so it will smoke well in any hookah bowl! Combine this with your favorite hookah pipe and hookah coals for the ultimate session! 

Pair up the Al Fakher Grape Mint 250g with Moshaik Halo + Wood Handle or Cyril Silicone Hookah Hose 17mm (2 Colors) for an optimal hookah experience.