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Ascent Bowls - Mountain

Ascent Bowls - Mountain

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The brand launched with the Mountain bowl, a medium capacity trench which is suitable for a wide variety of tobacco brands. The bowl can be paired with HMD or foil, with a fitting to suit both.

These are medium sized capacity bowls which are hand spun. As such the capacity will vary between 13g - 18g.

Ascent Hookah is a brand situated in London, UK that specializes in artisanal hand spun hookah products made from a proprietary blend of stoneware clay. The brand hit the market in 2021, with the aim of creating aesthetically pleasing pieces with matching high performance.

The Ascent theme pays tribute to the mountainous region in Kashmir, which is replicated by the faceted effect on the bowls.


Pair up the Ascent Bowls - Mountain with Cyril Carbon Hose Handle (Pink) or Spearmint (#85) F-Line 250g for an optimal hookah experience.