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Cornetto 4.0 Phunnel Bowl

Cornetto 4.0 Phunnel Bowl

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Cornetto 4.0 Phunnel Bowl Product Description:

 The latest model of the renowned Cornetto Bowl, the Phunnel version, features an eye-catching, summer-inspired design similar to a cone. Constructed of high-temperature white clay material, this bowl boasts a unique shape that optimizes heat retention, available in two sizes. It is perfect for extended, flavorful smoking sessions, its thick walls creating a stable, comfortable heat delta, fitting all management systems as it is compatible with Provost and Kaloud Lotus. Its five colors - Chocolate, Mint, Cream, Vanilla, and Strawberry - are highlighted with a special glaze like that of a melting ice-cream cone, presented in a personalised box.


Cornetto 4.0 Details: 

  • Colors: Chocolate, Mint, Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry
  • Capacity: 14g-18g
  • HMD Recomendstions: Provost II and Kaloud Lotus

It pairs excellently with both blonde leaf tobaccos like Al Fakher, as well as dark leaf tobaccos such as Musthave Tobacco and Tangiers Tobacco. The combination ensures a remarkable hookah experience, capturing the best of both flavor profiles for a satisfying session.


Pair up the Cornetto 4.0 Phunnel Bowl with URB Plinth Bowl or Lemon-Lime (#74) Birquq 250g for an optimal hookah experience.