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Cornetto 4.0 Tradi Bowl

Cornetto 4.0 Tradi Bowl

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Cornetto 4.0 Tradi Bowl Product Description:

Cornetto 4.0 Tradi Bowl is a durable bowl made of high-temperature white clay material, with a traditional shape, 5 holes, and an appropriate load for any type of tobacco. Its shape and material allow for optimal heat management and stability, squeezing every tobacco it contains and providing a comfortable smoking experience. Suitable for kaloud-type HMD's and for use with any hookah, Cornetto 4.0 Tradi Bowl ensures an enjoyable smoke.

 Cornetto 4.0 Details: 


Pair up the Cornetto 4.0 Tradi Bowl with Regal Orange/Blue/Purple Dymondwood Queen Hookah or Pear-Watermelon (#47) 250g for an optimal hookah experience.