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Mason Shishaware Silicone Hose Set

Mason Shishaware Silicone Hose Set

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Mason Shishaware Silicone Set Product Description:

Customize your Tymber or your favorite hookah handle with our premium ultra soft touch silicone hose. The hose is a standard width so it fits most all handles that normally fit a silicone hose. Upgrade your silicone with this ultra soft silicone adorned with our masons mark. The special coating on the silicone prevents hair and dander from collecting on the silicone and is thick enough to not kink mid session. It also includes a stainless steel coil spring to ensure no kinking at the hose port. Perfect inside diameter to compliment your Tymber handle which leads to a effortless and smooth draw of smoke.

Mason Shishaware Silicone Set Details:

  • Mason Silicone Hose
  • Hose Adapter
  • Hose Spring

Pair up the Mason Shishaware Silicone Hose Set with URB Burj Bowl or Moshaik Lumix LED Stand for an optimal hookah experience.