Collection: Hookah Bases

Hookah Bases and Hookah Vases:

The hookah base, also called a hookah vase, is a key part of any hookah. It holds the liquid that cools and filters the smoke as it passes through. Typically, water is used, but some people get creative with fruit juices, tea, or milk. There's a wide variety of bases available, differing in appearance, shape, size, and materials. These bases can be crafted from glass, crystal, or luxurious Bohemian crystal, sourced globally and priced anywhere from $20 to over $300. When picking the perfect base, consider these important characteristics.

Hookah Base frequently asked questions:

How much water should I put in my hookah base?

Usually, you should pour in sufficient water to cover the hookah stem by about an 1-1.5 inches. To learn more about the right water level for your hookah base, check out our blog post titled "How to Set Up a Hookah: Beginner's Guide."

How much does a Hookah Base cost?

These bases can have different prices, starting at around $20 and going up to over $300. What you pay is decided by things like the stuff it's made from and where it's made. For instance, if it's made from glass, it might be between $20 and $60. But if it's made from special crystal, like Bohemian crystal, it could be from $100 to $300.