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Hookah Coals and Hookah Charcoal:

Hookah coals play a crucial role in a shisha smoking session as they serve as the sole heat source to unleash the flavors and clouds from the shisha tobacco. Selecting the best hookah coals for you is vital, as they can greatly influence your overall smoking experience. Among the various options available, coconut coal, derived from coconut shells, stands out as a highly popular and recommended choice for hookah enthusiasts today.

Hookah Coal Shapes:

Flat Coconut Hookah Coals - 

Rectangular in shape, flat coals measure around 18 mm in height and 22 to 25 mm in length, staying true to their name. They resemble cubes to some extent, but their burn time is shorter, making them ideal for briefer shisha smoking sessions. Due to their specific shape, flat coal bars are not ideal for heat control systems, but they pair excellently with hookah foil.

These coals generally maintain consistent width and density, although their quality can vary depending on the brand. Their real strength lies in their ability to regulate heat effectively. The reduced weight on the foil significantly lowers the risk of excessive tobacco burning. However, they do reach their peak heating point faster, resulting in shorter smoking sessions.

When sold per kilogram, flat coals are competitively priced compared to other shapes. They are especially recommended for newcomers to coconut hookah charcoal usage or those who prefer shorter smoking durations.

Cubed Coconut Hookah Coals -

The cubed coconut coal style stands out as the top choice among hookah charcoals. Resembling dice, these cubes feature six flat and even sides, providing stability while burning. Their balanced form ensures uniform heating throughout the smoking session, making them highly favored by enthusiasts and lounge smokers alike. Typically measuring around 25 cubed mm, some cubes may even be slightly larger, up to 26 cubed mm.

Thanks to their slow burn rate, they are compatible with various hookah bowls of different sizes. To maximize the heat effectiveness of each side, it's recommended to rotate the cubes during the smoking session as the heat won't last indefinitely.

The consistent heat requirement for many modern tobaccos, which have higher moisture content, is met effectively by using cube-shaped coals. Unlike other charcoal shapes that may demand larger quantities to sustain necessary heat, cubes can be managed by rotating them, thus prolonging the smoking session.

Given their reliability, ability to generate consistent heat, and convenient size for handling, cubed coals are expected to maintain their popularity as the go-to choice for shisha enthusiasts in the foreseeable future.

Small Cubed Coconut Hookah Coals -

The small cube charcoal has gained rapid popularity in the hookah world, giving the impression of a long-term favorite despite being a relatively new addition. Although the name suggests a cubed shape, it's essential to note that most brands stick to the standard size of 22mm cubes. Nonetheless, these small cubes offer unique advantages. Similar to flat coals, they provide efficient heating without quick burnout or crumbling.

Their size brings another advantage - being lightweight, they don't exert pressure on the foil, preventing it from sagging. This ensures the shisha tobacco doesn't get singed prematurely. Also, these coals don't impart their taste onto the heated tobacco, allowing the smoker to savor the full flavor of their chosen shisha blend.

For smokers seeking longer sessions than flat coals offer but without the time commitment required for complete cube coals, the small cube coconut charcoals are an excellent option. However, due to their size, it's necessary to add more coals to achieve optimal cloud production and a smooth smoking experience.

Silver Tab and Quick Light Hookah Coals - 

Silver Tab Hookah Coals - 

Silver Tabs are Japanese Made Bamboo-based hookahs coals and emit a low to medium level of heat. Their primary purpose is not to create massive clouds but rather to enhance the longevity of the flavor during your smoking session. Unlike other self-lighting charcoals, these coals do not release any aroma or scent.

To light the Silver Tab Coal effectively, the best method is to use a pre-heated burner. Although they won't take as long as natural coconut coals to ignite, placing them on a pre-heated burner ensures a fast and even distribution of heat, typically taking 2-3 minutes at most. Take a closer look at these coals and experience how they can elevate your setup, providing you with a lengthy and flavorful smoking session.

Quick Light Hookah Coals -

Quick lighting, fast lighting, or instant lighting charcoals are types of hookah coals that come in a foil-wrapped roll with 10 discs. They have a chemical inside that helps them light up easily with a lighter. Once you light them, they start burning quickly and are ready for smoking in less than a minute. They come in two main sizes: small (33mm) and large (40mm), but you can also find some other sizes.

These coals are called "quick" because they light up fast and are convenient to use. However, they have some limitations. They may not last as long as other types of coals, and different brands might affect the flavor differently. So, depending on the brand you choose, you might notice some differences in taste when using these quick light coals.

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