Are Heat Management Devices (HMDs) Right for You?

Are Hookah Heat Management Devices (HMDs) Right For You?

New Year, new you? Now is the time to part ways with the heavy duty foil, say farewell to the tedious task of poking holes, throw out that burnt rug, and let’s elevate our hookah sessions together! Heat Management Devices or HMD’s for short will be the hot topic of today's discussion.

There are little moments in history where small innovations have been made in the world of hookah and then there are exciting, key defining moments that have truly shaped the way we smoke hookah today. A huge turning point was the introduction of the Tangiers phunnel bowls. Another moment was the introduction of coconut charcoal, and one of my personal favorite moments in hookah history was the launch of the Kaloud Lotus in 2012. The Kaloud Lotus was the first accessory in what we now call the HMD category, Kaloud paved the way for all heat management systems we see on the market today.

In 2012, at the release of the Lotus, there was a definite learning curve to using heat management devices, but once hookah enthusiasts got the hang of it though they were hooked. There are many advantages to HMD’s, and with this list we know you can find the perfect one to fit your hookah smoking needs. Heat management systems help elevate your session with evenly distributing your heat, conserving coal usage, and keeping ash contained. 


With the hookah industry being as small as it is, many hookah smokers like to know the stories behind some of their most loved hookah products. The formation of Moshaik arose from the pure passion for shisha smoking of three friends. On a summer day in Karlsruhe, an engineer, a business economist, and a designer decided to set new standards within the hookah market.

Moshaik  Halo + Handle $54.99

The Halo V2 is a stainless-steel heat management device  which is specifically designed for the use with all standard bowls. This HMD features a special air flow system designed to ensure even heating of the tobacco and allows a contact setup without overheating the shisha. The integrated grid prevents ash falling onto the tobacco and guarantees optimal flavor. You can use the compatible  wooden handle to transport a hot Moshaik Halo from your coal area to your hookah. This heat management device is a favorite amongst enthusiasts who like to start their bowl up fast, or for those who prefer to pair it with a wind cover to reach a higher heat. 

Moshaik Halo 24k Gold Plated *Limited Edition* $69.99

The 24k gold plated Moshaik Halo is for those hookah enthusiasts that want the best of the best. This is the HMD for those who want to add a collectors item in their hookah vault. The Halo HMD is composed of stainless-steel and plated in gold and is also designed to fit all standard lip and non-lip hookah bowls.The integrated grid prevents ash falling onto the tobacco and guarantees optimal flavor. You can use the compatible  wooden handle to transport a hot Moshaik Halo from your coal area to your hookah. This heat management device is a favorite amongst enthusiasts who like to start their bowl up fast or for those who prefer to pair it with a wind cover to reach a higher heat. 


Onmo is a manufacturer of heat management devices, hookahs and hookah accessories. The ONMO HMD stands for high-quality workmanship and extremely simple heat regulation and have quickly established themselves in the market.

Onmo HMD $34.99

The Onmo heat management system is made of aluminum and offers optimal properties for excellent performance. Inside the HMD you can easily fit two coals up to 27 mm in size while also fitting two more coals on the upper edge if you are looking for more heat.The raised diamond design on the inside bottom of the HMD allows enough space for optimal airflow to prevent coals from blacking out. With the Onmo being made out of aluminum, it will not get as hot as some other stainless-steel HMD’s making this one perfect for blonde leaf tobacco sessions or lower heat tobaccos such as Tangiers tobacco. With this HMD being perfect for blonde leaf tobaccos and at an affordable price point, we find this to be a favorite amongst those wanting to experience heat management devices.

Apple on Top

Apple on Top has truly been a company that wanted to provide unique innovations in the hookah industry. Many of these can be seen across their various products. With multiple patents they have succeeded in revolutionizing hookah smoking sessions everywhere. With affordable products that stand the test of time, the Provost belongs in every hookah enthusiast personal collection. 

Apple on Top Provost II $29.99

The Apple on Top Provost was originally produced to be paired with the AOT silicone bowl in a similar fashion as these other HMD’s by packing the bowl and placing the tray directly on the tobacco. Over the years hookah enthusiasts have truly made the AOT Provost their own. Nowadays you’ll find most experienced hookah smokers use the Provost with foil as it gives you the best of both worlds. Using the Provost in this way helps the shisha from burning while also safely containing your coals and ash. With the built in leaf handle it also makes it easy to carry coals straight from your coal burner to your freshly packed bowl. Whether you use the lid or not is up to your smoking preferences, but it has always been useful to us, especially while smoking outdoors!


Shishabucks is the manufacturer of various hookahs and accessories. With everything being designed in Canada, their focus has always been to provide top quality hookahs and accessories. They are constantly innovating the shape, function and materials of their products while also providing products that perfectly fit into your modern lifestyle – premium materials, contemporary shapes, sleek designs.

Shishabucks Regular Stratus $54.99

With an innovative locking mechanism, the Shishabucks Stratus HMD assists in the safe movement of hot coals. With the multiple vents and windows throughout the Stratus this design helps provide a wide range of heat regulation. This heat management device is made out of die-cast aluminum with a chrome finish.

Shishabucks Premium Stratus $79.99

The Stratus premium heat management system regulates the transfer of heat from the hookah coals to the shisha in the bowl. With an innovative locking mechanism, the Stratus assists in the safe movement of hot coals. It is made out of a single block of Aerospace-grade 7000-series anodized aluminum with precise CNC machining. 

Na Grini HMD $49.99

The NA GRANI HMD is a Russian heating system designed for an open heating setup as it doesn’t come with a lid for Russian-style use. The NA GRANI heat management device is made of stainless steel and holds three charcoal cubes.


We would like to share a message from our friends at Kaloud: “At Kaloud, honoring and elevating this timeless tradition deeply rooted in connectedness is built into our DNA. But we’re not doing it by simply preserving the past in the present. We’re completely reimagining it by bringing the innovations of tomorrow to today. Because we believe that your hookah’s quality should equal that of the experiences you create around it with your closest inner circle.”

In 2012 the world of hookah was changed with the introduction of the first ever heat management device, the Kaloud Lotus. Throughout the years Kaloud has released a handful of carefully designed and beautifully packaged products. This is an HMD worthy of hookah smokers everywhere.

Kaloud Lotus I+ $59.99

All versions of the Kaloud's Lotus hookah heat management devices prevent ash, fewer particles and gasses, and provide tastier, longer-lasting clouds. The Kaloud Lotus I+ is a patented work of art manufactured of the highest quality materials available using manufacturing technology typically reserved for the aerospace and medical industry. The Kaloud Lotus I+ does not use anodizing or powder coating for its color, instead they use a proprietary, non-toxic method to add color. The Lotus features a removable top and adjustable vents to allow for precise heat transfer. Keeping the lid off will produce the least amount of heat, having the lid on with the vents open delivers medium heat, and closing the vents will create the most heat.

We hope this list has provided some insight into the endless list of heat management devices (HMD’s) on the market today, and hopefully we made picking out that perfect heat management system a little easier! With new hookah heat management devices and brands coming out all the time, we will be sure to update our list. Never worry as we are always testing new products so that we can bring not only the newest but the best hookah products to our loyal customers. Lastly, if you still are unsure of which heat management device is right for you, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram!

What Heat Management Device will you try from our list of HMD’s?

Today we have provided a solid lineup of the best HMD’s we carry here at Hookah Vault. Whether you have used one of these HMD’s during a session before or you just learned today what an HMD is, maybe this list will inspire you to try a different way of managing your heat.

Find The Best Hookah Heat Management Devices at Hookah Vault

Hookah Vault is a trusted source for many customers, with the specially curated selection of hookah products and the exceptional customer support. They are sure to exceed every customer's expectations. No matter what part of the world you live in, you can place your hookah heat management device order with Hookah Vault, your trusted source for all things hookah.

To wrap the discussion up and give you some final suggestions from our team of hookah experts, here is our list of favorite HMD’s (in no certain order):

  • Kaloud Lotus I+ 
  • Na Grini HMD 
  • Shishabucks Premium Stratus
  • Shishabucks Regular Stratus 
  • Apple on Top Provost II
  • Onmo HMD
  • Moshaik Halo 24k Gold Plated
  • Moshaik  Halo + Handle

  • Thank you for trusting us to provide you with the best hookah products available on the market.

    Happy Smoking and welcome to the Hookah Vault Family!



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