Does Shisha Expire? What You Should Know

Does Shisha Expire

Hello Hookah Vault Family! Today we will be answering one of the most asked questions in the hookah world. Does hookah tobacco or shisha expire?

Some of us hookah smokers are guilty when it comes to keeping our shisha flavor inventory in proper rotation. Then there's those of us who can’t say no to stocking up during those Black Friday sales knowing full well we won’t be able to smoke through five kilos of Passionfruit before the next sale hits. Yet we can’t let a good bargain pass us up. On the other end of the spectrum is the hookah smoker who has a bin full of untouched samples awaiting the day when they forgot to restock on their favorite shisha flavors. 

With these different scenarios presented, we must first mention having a good sense when it comes to questionable shisha. It should go without saying, however, if your shisha smells off or you notice inconsistencies with its appearance from when you first smoked it, throw it away! It is not worth one's health to risk smoking shisha if you notice discrepancies. 

Does Shisha Expire?

For this question to be answered properly, I went to the experts from a handful of shisha manufacturers here in the US. I may be an avid hookah smoker, but on a personal level I hadn’t put much thought into this topic. Having owned a hookah lounge I became a master at knowing what was needed for my hookah inventory. I never held onto flavors long, and if I came across a bad batch of shisha into the trash bin it went. Another change that has benefited with persevering the longevity of shisha is the packaging.Gone are the days of buying shisha in metal tins that were fast to rust. Most hookah tobacco manufacturers today use packaging that doubles as storage for your shisha, while others use minimal packaging that allows the end consumer to choose their own preferred shisha storage methods.

At Hookah Vault we prefer using the Tangiers Tobacco Containers to store Tangiers. On a personal level these containers are great for storing all brands of hookah tobacco. They offer enough room to thoroughly mix your shisha before packing a bowl, and they also prevent the tobacco from drying out (when kept in proper storage temperatures). Some hookah smokers may not realize it but properly storing your shisha is key to preserving the flavor and getting the best performance out of your shisha. Whether you use the container your shisha originally came in or you utilize your own storage methods, make sure it is air tight and stored in a cool dry place. 

Thanks to our article on “What is Shisha?”,  we know that many brands of shisha choose to use honey or molasses as a sweetener for the shisha. Both of these shisha components also act as a natural preservative due to the high sugar content. When it comes to the expiration of hookah tobacco, the average rule of thumb is two years if the package is sealed and six months to a year if opened depending on different variables. I have known hookah smokers that don’t follow this rule at all and have lived to pack another bowl. The biggest concern I received when speaking to the experts didn’t pertain to anything detrimental happening but more towards the quality of a session using old or “expired” shisha. Yes, you may be able to smoke expired shisha however you may not be obtaining the full potential of that brand. The bowl may not last long, and you may notice a significant drop in flavor output. This is dependent on how the shisha was stored and how old the hookah tobacco is. 

At the end of the day we as hookah enthusiasts can take multiple steps before we have to get to the point of asking ourselves if it’s okay to smoke old shisha. We don’t have to go completely crazy when it comes to any of the holiday sales.It’s okay to stock up on your favorite flavors but remember shisha lasts longer if it's sealed and there will always be another sale. Also by implementing a rotation, there's no need to open every pack of shisha to fill your container. One at a time keeps the others from losing their flavor. We hope this information was helpful and if you have any questions feel free to check out our new chat option on!

The Importance of Storing Your Shisha

How to Store Your Shisha

Now that we know shisha doesn’t technically expire but rather more noticeably you may feel a drop in the overall performance.  We have also gone over the importance of storing your shisha properly. Here at HookahVault we have provided the tools for having a perfect hookah session. Whether you have a tower of the Tangiers Tobacco Containers stacked on your shelf or you choose the premium Tangiers Locker to keep your tobacco safe, we are always here to assist our Hookah Vault Family.

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To wrap the discussion up and give you some final suggestions from our team of hookah experts, here is a list of some of products to help keep your shisha in optimal storage:

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