Top 10 Best MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Top 10 Best MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors

With all the things happening in the world, many hookah enthusiasts are itching for something new, something fresh to hit the market. The American market may seem a little stagnant with not many new product releases happening. We grew accustomed to the seemingly endless launches of HMD’s and hookah pipes but with things slowing down slightly, we are left with a void that needs to be filled. Today we are excited to talk about a new hookah tobacco brand that has hit our shelves, MustHave shisha tobacco.

MustHave is one of the most famous shisha brands to come out of the Russian hookah market, with Pinkman being the best-selling flavor in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) market. MustHave hookah tobacco launched in 2018 and quickly became one of the most sought after shisha brands. My first real experience with Pinkman was in Russia while I was attending the Hookah Club Show. After those first few hits I quickly knew that I would be ordering it at every hookah lounge possible, with the goal of trying as many mixes as the hookah masters could dream up. The basic raw material of tobacco for MustHave hookah is a mixture of moderately strong, dark burley collected in seven countries of the world and subsequently passed the toasting process at one of the most high-tech sites in Italy. Optimal strength, bright flavors, all sealed up in some of the most convenient packaging seen in any shisha tobacco brand, MustHave has hit all the marks to keep hookah enthusiasts looking for more. 

MustHave - tobacco as it should be.

Let us introduce the HookahVault family to our Top 10 MustHave flavors:

#1 Pinkman

Meet the bestseller of MustHave tobacco - the legendary Pinkman mix!

It’s not even questionable why Pinkman is number one on our list of the “Top 10 Best MustHave Hookah Tobacco flavors”, with it being a top seller world wide, it is sure to satisfy most palettes. Pinkman is a perfect balance of sweet and sour, it combines the endless sweetness of raspberry syrup and fresh strawberries muted by grapefruit sourness, forming a harmonious creation with a slight creamy tinge. The taste of Pinkman can be safely called one of the most pure and rich fruit mixes.

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#2 Pineapple Rings

Introducing number two on our list of Best MustHave hookah flavors…Pineapple Rings. As an enthusiast we should keep in mind that every palette is different, some hookah connoisseurs prefer fruity over dessert flavors while others prefer refreshing shisha flavors over sweet hookah flavors. For me the perfect MustHave mix is Pinkman, Pineapple Rings, Cane Mint. Must-have Pineapple Rings recreates the original taste of canned pineapple so clearly that you feel a slight tingle on your tongue. The sweet and sour notes of the refreshing and slightly tart aroma of Pineapple Rings complement each other perfectly. Pineapple Rings is a versatile flavor, whether you prefer to smoke it straight or create one of the endless mixes, you will not be disappointed.

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#3 Milky Rice

Milky Rice is an interesting flavor from MustHave shisha tobacco, with this not being a typical flavor seen in the American market it was more than deserving of making it on our list of “Top 10 MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors”. Described as a “surprisingly subtle aroma of sweet milk rice porridge, the taste of MustHave Milky Rice tobacco will send you straight back to childhood with a plate of thick and rich rice porridge!” The creamy sweetness of the unique Milky Rice flavor can be successfully used as the basis of absolutely any mix, and in solo performance this taste will reveal all its delicate milky shades. The possibilities are endless when thinking of shisha mix combinations, let us know what you mixes you come up with!

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#4 Kiwi Smoothie

The intriguing sweet and sour taste of Australian kiwi, flavored with peppermint and apple juice, another interesting combination not seen before. MustHave’s Kiwi Smoothie comes in at number four on list of “Top 10 MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors”. Natural flavors made it possible to bring the taste of MustHave Kiwi Smoothie tobacco as close as possible to the natural smell of a tropical fruit, decorating it with light notes of fresh apple juice and adding a hint of mint. 

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#5 Strawberry Lychee

A velvety sweet combination of ripe, melt-in-your-mouth wild strawberry and exotic ripe lychee.

Tobacco MustHave Strawberry-Lychee combines the sweetest strawberry notes and the aroma of fresh, moderately sweet lychee. Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to taste a sweet lychee before, MustHaves Strawberry Lychee will be an experience worth not missing. MustHaves Strawberry Lychee has easily found its place on our list of “Top 10 MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors”. Strawberry lychee comes to the fore with a rich, exotic taste, it fully reveals itself in solos, and gives a rich sweet and sour fruity tint to mixes. 

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#6 Honey Holls

Coming in at number six on our list of “Top 10 MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors'', is Honey Holls, a flavor that many hookah smokers find fascinating. The refreshing taste of a frosty winter day, with a warming aroma of tart sweet honey. MustHave Honey Holls is a balanced combination of frosty coolness and delicious tart honey. The flavors of the Honey Halls mix do not overpower each other. A light chill perfectly compensates for excessive honey cloying, and the output is a pleasant, warm and not at all sharp sweetish taste. MustHave Honey Holls is a great addition to dessert mixes, however don’t let this stop you from trying it in other mixes.

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#7 Space Flavor

MustHave shisha tobacco presents number 7 on our list of “Top 10 MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors”, the Space Flavor mix that will send you into space! A cosmic combination of mango, passion fruit and lychee, flavored with rose petals covered in cool morning dew. You will definitely like Space Flavor, where exotic lychee and passion fruit mixed with ripe mango pulp act as a fruity base.

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#8 Rocketman

Bright, refreshing taste of strawberry soda flavored with kiwi and grapefruit slices.

MustHave hookah tobacco is a bright and complete aroma of Rocketman, number eight on our list of “Top 10 MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors”. Rocketman has absorbed all the sweetness of strawberry-based soda, which is complemented by grapefruit flavors and refreshing notes of kiwi. All components of the Rocketman mix are in perfect balance, ready for any hookah masters bowl.

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#9 Violet

MustHave Violet is a classic creamy fruit and berry cocktail, to which bright inclusions of spices give an indescribable personality. Coming in at number nine on our list of “Top 10 MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors”, MustHave Violet brings interesting flavors to hookah enthusiasts everywhere. Violet is an exotic creamy shake with a delicate taste of blueberries and the freshness of golden melon, seasoned with a spicy aroma of spices. 

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#10 Banana Mama

Sweet delightful rich aroma of South American bananas completes our list of the “Top 10 MustHave Hookah Tobacco Flavors”. Banana Mama is one of the basic soft tastes of medium strength, its main note is a moderately sweet and rich aroma of ripe banana.

If you find yourself feeling adventurous, now is the time to try the unique flavors by MustHave tobacco. Today we provided our list of the top ten favorite MustHave shisha flavors but don’t forget we have many more flavors to experience on If you're looking for some more mix recommendations find us over on Instagram @thehookahvault

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To wrap the discussion up and give you some final suggestions from our team of hookah experts, here is a list of some of our favorite MustHave tobacco flavors sure to please all hookah enthusiast. 

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