5 Cheap Hookahs for Every Budget

5 Cheap Hookahs for Every Budget

Many people that are just starting to get into the hobby of hookah may be intimidated by some of the prices they see hookah setups going for. With all the buzz around the higher end German made hookahs or the seemingly never ending excitement for custom Regals, we are here to tell newer hookah smokers not to panic. Many may wonder if there's a hookah that will fit their budget yet still perform at a satisfactory level while maintaining their quality. With all of this in mind, we would like to introduce our top “Five Cheap Hookahs” that will still leave room in your budget for shisha and coals.

Mya Hookahs $30-$70$

We currently offer five different options within the MYA hookah collection that are sure to fit into anyone's hookah budget. MYA Hookah has been a long standing company with over fifty years of experience in the hookah industry. MYA is known for its guaranteed high quality and long lasting durability. Many of their designs are patented or patent pending and have an easy breakdown making cleaning a breeze. Another important aspect that isn’t alway seen within hookah brands is the ease with finding replacement parts if something happens to get lost between uses. From the MYA Minion to the MYA Bambino these hookahs are the perfect portable hookah, with some of them even coming with their own carrying case. All of these come almost ready to smoke so no worry about finding the right hose or tray. Whether you are smoking in your own home or traveling, you won’t regret picking up one of their unique designs.

ODUMAN Hookahs

Oduman was founded in 1979 with the brand ODUMAN being created in 2014 where they started producing and selling uniquely designed hookahs. ODUMAN’s success stems from their engineered designs and high regard for quality and functionality. All the glass vases are handmade while maintaining a high standard that will live up to any hookah smokers expectations.                    

Oduman Micro Hookah $69.99

The Oduman Micro hookah is made for those who are looking for a high quality but low maintenance hookah setup. This hookah is perfect for the hookah connoisseur who travels and is constantly on the go. Its small size makes it easy to clean and fast to set up. The Oduman Micro will give hookah smokers a piece of mind with its rust free stainless steel and its own protective carrying case.

DSH Hookahs

DSH Hookahs “Dream Smoke Hookahs” are made in Russia and crafted by skilled artisans who have honed their skills for many years. Dream Smoke Hookahs are built to last a lifetime and will provide you with years of great smoking sessions.

DSH IZI Hookah $99.99

The DSH IZI is the newest model brought to you in the DSH lineup. This is a great starter pipe with its affordable price tag and utilization of high quality stainless steel. This hookah would land in the medium height category so you can easily travel with it. It’s also perfect for home use! The IZI has a vertical purge and comes with a removable diffuser that is perfect for those that prefer having options. This hookah setup comes with the stem, tray, and hose handle making it easy to personalize with the various color options HookahVault offers in silicone hoses and vases.

DSH Eco Hookah $149.99

The DSH Eco hookah is another budget friendly choice that we knew had to be on our list of “5 Cheap Hookahs for Every Budget”. For the hookah smoker that doesn’t mind spending a little more for that extra pizazz or the hookah lover that wants a little extra spice in their life, the DSH Eco is sure to elevate your next shisha session!  If you want to impress your friends without breaking the bank, this should be the next hookah setup you add to your lineup. With seven eye-catching colors to choose from, the stem, tray, and mouthpiece being made from stainless steel, and a removable diffuser, what more could a hookah smoker want in the perfect budget friendly pipe?

Honey Sigh Hookahs

Honey Sigh Hookahs have been produced since 2017 and deservedly have a good reputation. Honey Sigh started with models decorated with wood, and after that they followed many fashion trends. At the moment, their Stick hookah is valued for the perfect combination of price, stylish design, and quality.

Honey Sigh Stick and Honey Sigh Stick Color $99-$140

The Honey Sigh Stick and the Stick Color both have excellent performance and smoking characteristics. With the stem, tray, hose handle, and being made of stainless steel, this setup is sure to stand the test of time. The Honey Sigh Stick Color comes in four color choices which adds some elegance to this simple yet effective design.

Vyro Hookahs

As one of the leading hookah manufacturers, Vyro offers a wide range of high-quality, affordable hookahs. Here's our top two picks:

The Vyro One Hookah $124.99

The VYRO ONE was developed with the aim of being a universal hookah. From the highly dedicated team behind Aeon comes another quickly loved brand. The Vyro hookahs have taken the enthusiast market by storm with the unique mechanics and the use of materials light and strong (carbon), this hookah was another small revolutionary time in hookah history. It proves to be particularly user-friendly, giving hookah smokers more time to enjoy their session and less time worrying about the setup and breakdown. The VYRO ONE can be very quickly disassembled and allows you to clean quickly. With the VYRO Travel Bag you can transport your Vyro ONE safely and quickly from A to B. This is one small but mighty hookah that comes in a style sure to match any hookah smokers taste.

Whether you spend a hundred dollars or two thousand dollars on a hookah setup, every hookah lover deserves to find a hookah that perfectly matches their needs while still maintaining quality! We are dedicated to providing the most accurate knowledge to our HV Family so you are able to make an informed decision. This list is sure to narrow it down for those of you who have been asking for help when it comes to picking out the perfect affordable setup. However, if you still feel unsure of which setup is the right one for you feel free to chat with us here or over on our Instagram page.

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To wrap the discussion up and give you some final suggestions from our team of hookah experts, here is a list of some of our favorite cheap hookahs sure to fit anyone's budget.

Thank you for trusting us to provide you with the best hookah products available on the market.

Happy Smoking and welcome to the Hookah Vault Family!



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