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Mya Minion Hookah

Mya Minion Hookah

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Mya Minion Hookah Product Description:

This unique, tiny hookah is sure to make any session special. With its portability, durability, and its easy storage capabilities, the Minion is the perfect companion for comfortable and convenient smoking. Filling the need for an on-the-go, personal-sized hookah, the Minion will make a great addition to any collection.


- Mya Minion Stem

- Mya Minion Base

- Mya Hose

- Mya Tray

Mya Minion Hookah Details:


4.3" Tall

4.7" Wide



602 Hose

64" Length


2" Tall

Hose Capability

1 Hose



Pair up the Mya Minion Hookah with Bubblegum (#86B) 250g or Fumari Gallivant 2 Hookah Bag for an optimal hookah experience.