Collection: Union Hookah

In 2017, our journey with Union Hookah, proudly crafted in Russia, began with the distribution of several sample units for rigorous testing in our hometown of Nizhny Novgorod. Within just a year, our exceptional hookahs found their way into homes across Russia. Today, Union Hookah stands as a global brand, celebrated in over 35 countries worldwide. From the Commonwealth of Independent States to Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and even the United States, our hookahs have captured the hearts of enthusiasts far and wide.

Our ambition knows no bounds, and we aspire to introduce our legacy to every corner of the globe. Committed to relentless progress, we continuously advance our technologies, infusing our hookahs with the rich tapestry of world history and heritage. Our goal is to elevate the art of hookah smoking into a profound cultural experience, transcending borders and uniting enthusiasts worldwide. Join us on this journey, as we invite the entire world to discover Union Hookah – where tradition meets innovation, and heritage enriches every draw.