Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023 & Beyond

Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023 & Beyond

As a hookah enthusiast or the go to “hookah person” in our friend group, it feels like we are constantly being asked for the latest, greatest shisha mixes. 

While some people prefer to stick with a single shisha flavor from their favorite brand, like Tangiers, I will never say no to those friends that ask for a decent shisha mix. Sometimes a little suggestion on a newly released flavor can go a long way in someone's mixology. I know what it’s like to get stuck smoking one flavor for months or even years. 

Tangiers Kashmir Black was in 85% of my shisha mixes for two years. There’s plenty of aspects of hookah that hookah smokers can take pride in from the bowl collections to the unique hookah stems, but some of the most passionate people in this hobby are the Shisha Mix Masters. The endless amount of unique flavor profiles we can create is one of the most fun aspects of this hobby and something that I think some hookah lovers need to be reminded of. We’ve all had a shisha flavor that we smoked constantly until we couldn’t stand the thought of it. As a hookah community lets be better.

I would like to introduce you to my list of “Best Shisha Mixes of 2023”. However, keep in mind that each hookah smoker has a unique flavor profile that they enjoy. 

One of the reasons we wanted to put together this list is to push our boundaries when it comes to trying new shisha mixes. I like to live by the saying, “your bowl, your rules”! 

#1 “The Morning Hookah”

The Morning Hookah Mix

Shisha Flavors in this Mix:

First on our list of “Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023 is a mix that was actually recommended to me by Matt from the Morning Hookah podcast. If you know anything about Matt you know he always has Static Starlight on hand. This hookah mix utilizes Tangiers tobacco and consists of Static Starlight, Lemon Lime, and Pink Grapefruit. It is a perfect balance of citrus and floral notes that are pleasantly refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. I would recommend doing a third of each flavor but don’t hesitate to play around with your percentages depending on your mood. Any phunnel bowl will work for this mix, but I enjoy it best in the Alpaca Rook bowl with a an Apple on Top Provost II.

#2 “The Mashup”

Fumari The Mash Up Mix

Shisha Flavors in this Mix:

Bringing back a favorite mix that some newer shisha smokers may have not tried yet, number two on the list today is Fumari’s WBG + RBG mixed 50/50. Some may ask why this mix deserves to be on the “Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023.  

My answer is it’s in my top three mixes from Fumari, and it’s flavor profile is a great summertime flavor. Between the blend of pineapple and citrus notes, throw in some cherry and raspberry. What more could you want of a sweet fruity blend? For a long while it’s always been taught to fluff pack Fumari. I’m not saying that’s wrong. but I recommend trying a dense pack in the HJ Ferris bowl with a Lotus. Give this shisha mix a try and let us know what you think.

#3 “Tropical State of Mind”

Al Fakher Tropical State of Mind Mix

Shisha Flavors in this Mix:

Joining us on our list of “Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023 is this Al Fakher shisha mix that was inspired by summertime vibes. Diamond Dust with Orange Mint is bursting with flavors that will transport you to a tropical paradise. It is the perfect blend of citrus notes, sweetened up with a pinch of raspberry, and rounded out with the refreshing notes of lime and mint. I’m all for aesthetics with functionality. That's why I believe the Cornetto 4.0 tradi bowl is perfect for this summertime shisha mix.

#4 “Shisha Sunsets”

MustHave Shisha Sunset

Shisha Flavors in this Mix:

Coming in at number four on our list of “Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023 is a special concoction brought to you from the team over at Hookah University

When thinking about the best hookah tobacco mixes, we knew we had to include MustHave shisha, so we decided to ask HU what their top mixes were. We came up with a great mix that we know you will love. Pinkman (40%) + Pineapple Rings (40%) + Milky Rice (20%), this shisha mix is packed full of flavor while being on the sweeter side the Milky Rice brings a nice balance. This is best packed fluffy in any tradi style bowl with a Kaloud Lotus on top.

#5 “Red Kiss”

Eternal Smoke Red Kiss Mix

Shisha Flavors in this Mix:

While coming up with our list of “Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023, we knew we had to make sure to include a tasty dessert mix, and what better brand to choose than Eternal Smoke.

Eternal Smoke has many great shisha dessert flavors to choose from which made picking our mix a little challenging. After many strong contenders, we landed on Red Lips with Pistachio Kiss. We wanted to break away from the traditional hookah dessert flavors, so we knew using Red Lips as our base would be a fun surprise for any shisha smoker. Red Lips is described as a classic taste of a strawberry milkshake while the Pistachio Kiss adds another level of creaminess with a hint of a nutty afternote. 

We recently tried this mix in the Alpaca x Kaloud bowl with a Lotus and were really happy with the outcome.

#6 “Tea Time” (Herbal Shisha Mix)

Shisha Flavors in this Mix:

Coming in at number six on our list of “Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023 is an herbal shisha mix from Teasha! 

We already knew Pineapple Teasha was a knockout flavor, but when coming up with the best hookah tobacco mixes we were looking for something to elevate Pineapple without taking away from its already stunning flavor profile. That is when we landed on this special shisha mix of Hibiscus, Pineapple and a pinch of MinTea to create this lush combination. Teasha can be packed in a multitude of ways, we recommend an Alpaca Lipache with a Kaloud Lotus.

#7  “Let Me Guess”

Let Me Guess Shisha Mix

Shisha Flavors in this Mix:

Lastly on our list of “Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023 is a mix I like to call the “Let Me Guess”.

When you're smoking with friends and they swear they have created one of the best hookah tobacco mixes to ever exist and after taking a hit, you reply “let me guess, you added Cane Mint?” I love these types of friends, and I know they will eventually grow past the “add Cane Mint to everything stage”. Before any local lounges call me out, yes I am also guilty of this. However it is worth noting that I have yet to find a flavor that doesn’t work with Cane Mint. Cane Mint is one of the most sought after flavors presented by Tangiers and for good reason. This flavor will never cease to have a cult following.

If you find yourself feeling adventurous, now is the time to try some of these unique shisha mixes by some of the best brands here at Hookah Vault. Today we provided our list of the “Best Shisha Mixes to try in 2023 and Beyond but don’t forget we have many more flavors to experience on If you're looking for some more mix recommendations find us over on Instagram @thehookahvault

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