Best Tangiers Hookah Flavors To Try In 2022

Best Tangiers Hookah Flavors To Try In 2022

With so many different shisha flavors out there, it can be difficult to know which are the best ones to try. Well, in this guide, we shed some light on this topic as we share our picks for the best hookah flavors to try in 2022!

Whether it’s a flavor that appeals to their taste buds or one they associate with certain memories or even a flavor that alleviates the stress after a long day of work, hookah enthusiasts will always have their go to flavors in rotation. There’s a certain comfort that can be found within the ritualistic steps of setting up one’s hookah from packing the bowl to lighting the coals to sitting back and puffing away on their mix. But for others, there is excitement found in pushing one’s boundaries.

Many of our Hookah Vault fans are constantly asking for new flavor recommendations. They want something different and exciting; they want to know what the best shisha flavors are this year. So today Hookah Vault is here to help broaden the flavor pallet of enthusiasts everywhere. We have put a lot of thought into this list, and we are excited to announce: The Best Hookah Flavors of 2022.

Some may ask: How did we choose the best shisha flavors, and how did these top ten flavors end up on this list? All we can say is give these flavors a try, and we’ll keep it a secret when some of these end up in your weekly rotation.

What is Hookah Shisha?

Hookah Shisha is tobacco or a non-tobacco alternative that can be used to smoke a hookah. The hookah bowl is filled with shisha, then covered with a screen a foil, and topped with hookah charcoal.

Depending on the flavor and brand, shisha can offer a wide range of different experiences!

Now that we've covered the basics of what exactly shisha is, let's dive in and explore our best shisha flavor picks!

#1 Tangiers Empire Mint

Best Hookah Flavor #1 - Tangiers Empire Mint Hookah Tobacco | Hookah Vault

First up on our list for the best hookah flavors of 2022 is Empire Mint. Tangiers Empire Mint will hit all your taste buds with a mix of mint, fresh lavender, and sweet cucumber. Combined with the premium quality of Tangiers robust handmade unwashed tobacco, it offers a unique and enjoyable experience like no other product in the market. Empire Mint is an exclusive flavor here at Hookah Vault and has been a big hit amongst the HV Family. This flavor can be enjoyed on its own, however some hookah masters have been getting creative in the mixology department!

Give it a try, and if you come up with a unique mix feel free to share it with us on Instagram @thehookahvault.

#2 Tangiers Cane Mint

Best Hookah Flavors #2 - Tangiers Cane Mint

Is there any acceptable list for the best shisha flavors that doesn’t have Cane Mint on it? The answer is no and for good reason. Cane Mint is one of the most notable flavors in hookah communities across the world. Many brands have tried to replicate it but none have succeeded. Tangiers Cane Mint is a strong, straightforward peppermint flavor that has its own cult following. We know most hookah enthusiasts that smoke Tangiers regularly have most likely come across this flavor before, but this flavor has earned its spot on our top hookah flavors of 2022. Smoke it straight or mix it. Cane Mint goes great in every bowl. Hookah Vault carries it in both the Noir and Burley line, so if you like mint give this one a try.

#3 Tangiers Sour Watermelon

Best Hookah Flavors #3 - Tangiers Sour Watermelon | Hookah Vault

Another Hookah Vault exclusive flavor?! We promise this will be the last one…for now. Tangiers Sour Watermelon will hit all of your taste buds with a sweet burst of watermelon along with a bit of a sour punch! We had to include Sour Watermelon on our list of the best shisha flavors of 2022. With its candy-like sour yet sweet flavor, it is sure to make anyone's mouth water. We like to smoke this flavor on its own, but we don’t discourage others from coming up with their own creative mix. Your bowl, your rules. Try it out ,and let us know if it becomes your new favorite shisha flavor.

#4 Tangiers Kashmir Peach

Best Hookah Flavors #4 - Tangiers Kashmir Peach | Hookah Vault

The famous Kashmir Peach, an integral component to the nearly as famous KFC mix. Kashmir Peach is a complex peach flavor with added spice from Kashmir. Kashmir peach has a pleasant and distinct smell that smokes well as a stand alone flavor or mixed with other sweet flavors. This flavor has its own cult following amongst hookah smokers in Los Angeles and while many love it, you’ll know within the first few puffs if you are a part of the Kashmir club! Kashmir Peach was also a favorite flavor of the creator of Tangiers and rightly deserves its place on our list of the best hookah flavors.

#5 Tangiers Kashmir Black

Best Hookah Flavors #5 - Tangiers Kashir Black

We couldn’t not mention Kashmir Black in this article. With the famous “Kashmir” taste, this flavor was sure to be a hit on its release date! Kashmir Black made it to our list of the Best Flavors of 2022 because its tart blackberry flavor really caught the taste buds of hookah smokers everywhere. It is worth noting that out of all the Kashmir flavorisms, Kashmir Black has helped ease many smokers into enjoying Kashmir flavors. Enjoy this blend of sweet, tart blackberry flavor that seems to blend really well with the Kashmir spices. Let us know if this makes it into your shisha rotation.

#6 Tangiers Green Apple Stuff

Best Hookah Flavors #6 - Tangiers Green Apple Stuff | Hookah Vault

Some of the old school smokers on the block may recognize this one by a different name. Green Apple “Stuff” has earned its place on our list of the Best Shisha Flavors of 2022! Green Apple Stuff is best described as a sweet green apple hard candy flavor. Throughout the years many hookah connoisseurs have come up with various mixes. One that has caught our taste buds mixes a couple of pinches of Cinnamon with Green Apple Stuff.

#7 Teasha Pineapple

Best Hookah Flavors #7 - Teasha Pineapple

Teasha?! We did call this list the Best Hookah Flavors to Try in 2022, so bear with us while we tell you why this shisha is not like other tobacco alternatives and why this one earned its spot on the list. Pineapple. It says everything you need to know in the name, but what it doesn’t tell you is some of Teasha flavors come across more vibrantly than in their tobacco counterpart. Teasha Pineapple is a fresh ripe pineapple flavor that may leave your mouth watering while also leaving a familiar taste to some hookah smokers. Whether you smoke Teasha straight or you mix it with other tobacco flavors you are sure to have a great hookah session.

#8 Tangiers Orange Soda

Best Hookah Flavors #8 - Tangiers Orange Soda | Hookah Vault

Tangiers Orange Soda is great as a stand alone flavor while also mixing well with others. If you like mixing flavors, we recommend trying it with some Maraschino Cherry. Its taste is spot on with your favorite orange soda beverage and is described as a sweet bubbly orange flavor. Orange Soda is a favorite of enthusiasts everywhere, and we knew we had to include it on our list of the best hookah flavors of 2022!

#9 Tangiers Pineapas

Best Hookah Flavors #9 - Tangiers Pineapas | Hookah Vault

Many try Pinepas without even knowing what the flavor profile is. Perhaps the answer has been in the name this whole time. Pinepas is a sweet blend of Pineapple and Passionfruit, and it pairs really well with Cane Mint or Coconut depending on your mood. Pinepas is a delicious tropical fruity mix that deserves its place on our Best Hookah Shisha Flavors of 2022!

#10 Tangiers Pikina Sun

Best Hookah Flavors #10 - Tangiers Pikina Sun | Hookah Vault

Pikina Sun, some may be familiar with it while others might not have heard of it before its debut on our list of Best Shisha Flavors of 2022. This flavor seems to trick many enthusiasts as they can’t seem to pinpoint what flavors are in this Tangiers blend; they just know that their taste buds love it! Pikina Sun is best described as a tropical blend of pineapple and kiwi, creating the perfect balance for a fruity mix that will help take the stress away.

Which of These Flavors Will You Try?

Today we have provided a solid lineup of 10 flavors from Tangiers and Teasha. Whether you have tried these flavors in the past or you have never heard of them, maybe this list will inspire some new mixes or add a new favorite to your rotation. Please tag us on Instagram if you find a new mix you would like to share with us.

Find the Best Shisha Flavors at Hookah Vault

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To wrap the discussion up and give you some final suggestions from our team of hookah experts, here are the top ten Tangiers/Teasha flavors of 2022:


Thank you for trusting us to provide you with the best hookah products available in the market.

Happy Smoking and welcome to the Hookah Vault Family!



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