How to Store Shisha: Everything You Need to Know

How to Store Shisha: Everything You Need to Know

Over the years of smoking hookah, while following online forums, I have come across some bizarre techniques when it comes to hookah tobacco storage from fridges to tupperware with paper towels in the bottom, (this is another whole topic of discussion but please stop straining your shisha, the juice plays an important factor in the performance of your hookah session). I can easily say that there is a wrong way and a right way when it comes to keeping shisha in excellent smoking condition starting with our storage methods. If we hookah enthusiasts agree on one point today it is, shisha does not belong in the fridge! This may seem like a simple topic for some, but we all started from somewhere. Today we will break down everything you need to know on “How to Store Your Shisha”. We will keep it simple and throw in a few pointers that we’ve learned throughout our years of smoking hookah.

A question we get asked quite a bit about is the longevity of your hookah tobacco once the package has been opened. Hookah smokers are always curious to know, “how long does your shisha actually last”?  I know from personal experience how long my shisha lasts (not very long as I always seem to have friends popping in for a quick session), but I felt this was an important topic to address with our favorite hookah tobacco manufacturers.  According to the experts in the industry, hookah tobacco can realistically last for years if a package is left unopened. Once it’s been opened, the shelf life is good for a couple of years if stored properly. Shisha typically doesn’t “go bad” due to the manufacturing process, however after a couple of years you may start to notice a difference in the flavor as it may become more muted. With this in mind, it is crucial to find a proper hookah tobacco storage system to prolong the shelf life of your shisha.

The first and most important aspect of finding proper storage is increasing the shelf life while keeping the hookah tobacco properly stored. Another aspect of storage that is important to take into consideration when looking at different tobacco containers is the organizational aspect. Many hookah enthusiasts smoke multiple brands of shisha and with that comes the multiple varieties of packaging. This may at first look cute on a shelf, but as time goes on it becomes hard to keep everything clean and organized. All shisha packaging is not created equal, from ziplock style pouches, to plastic sleeves, to containers with lids that never seem to close right. This can become frustrating to any hookah smoker. When I did a complete revamp on my shisha storage area, I realized this was something I needed to share with all my hookah friends. Everything is now stored in the same style of tobacco containers making it easier to stack and store more shisha flavors. I am able to write the names of the flavors on the side which has made it so much easier to pack a quick bowl instead of spending time searching through all my flavors. This style of tobacco containers also makes it so much easier to thoroughly mix my shisha before packing a bowl which is something that I haven’t seen in any hookah tobacco packaging before.

Now that I have gone through the important points of how we should be storing your shisha, I am sure you are wondering which tobacco container is right for your hookah tobacco. Luckily for our readers Hookah Vault has made it super simple by providing the perfect tobacco containers for hookah smokers everywhere. It may be called the “Tangiers Tobacco Container” but don’t let that deter our blonde leaf smokers from using these shisha storage containers as I have found they are perfect for all hookah tobacco brands. Another added bonus that you can find to help keep your flavors organized are the Tangiers container labels. Simply write your flavor number and name on the label and stick that on the side of your hookah tobacco container. One accessory that seems  to get overlooked but I thought fit in with our topic today was the Tangiers Oyster Fork. Whenever I pick up new tobacco containers I like to throw in a couple of the oyster forks as mine seem to disappear occasionally.

These simple storage methods are perfect for every hookah smoker. For those that like to add a little razzle dazzle to their hookah prep area or for those who want to take their content creation to the next level, the Tangiers Locker is a must have accessory. The Tangiers Locker is a statement piece that was crafted by our friends Tangiers Club Brazil. This Locker is a stylish way of not only storing your shisha but also doubles as a security precaution for those of you that have been lucky enough to snag a pack of Extreme Cane Mint.  

If you have been thinking about revamping your hookah prep area this is your sign that it’s time to elevate your shisha storage. Today we have discussed the importance of properly storing our hookah tobacco to further the shelf life and increase the performance during our hookah sessions. Always remember to store your hookah tobacco properly and make sure to always mix your shisha before packing that bowl.  I promise it makes a difference. If you have any questions or if you're looking for some hookah prep area info, head on over to our socials! Also don’t forget to tag us to be featured on our Instagram story.

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