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Ascent Tradi Bowl- Lava

Ascent Tradi Bowl- Lava

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Ascent Tradi Bowl Product Description:

Introducing the Tradi Hookah Bowl, an embodiment of meticulous artistry, also recognized as the Egy Bowl, meticulously hand-spun to uphold an exceptional standard of quality. Designed for the indulgence of your preferred blonde leaf tobaccos or meticulously fluff-packed Dark Leaf shisha blends, such as the renowned Tangiers Tobacco.

Every bowl is a manifestation of artisanal dedication, conferring an unparalleled touch of individuality to each creation. The resulting capacity, thoughtfully ranging between 10g to 14g, stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of form and function. Embrace the subtle nuances that magnificently showcase the artistry encapsulated within these bowls – a genuine reflection of their exquisite construction.

About Ascent:

The inception of the brand introduced the distinguished Mountain bowl, characterized by a medium-capacity trench thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse array of tobacco brands. This versatile bowl seamlessly complements both Heat Management Devices (HMD) and traditional foil setups, offering adaptability in every sense.

Hailing from the vibrant city of London, UK, Ascent Hookah stands as a preeminent purveyor of artisanal hand-spun hookah creations, meticulously crafted from an exclusive amalgamation of stoneware clay. The brand's emergence onto the scene in 2021 marked a significant milestone, driven by the commitment to unite captivating aesthetics with unrivaled performance standards.

Imbued with the essence of its namesake, the Ascent theme eloquently pays homage to the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir's mountainous terrains. This homage is ingeniously reflected through the meticulously faceted design adorning each bowl, effortlessly conjuring the rugged allure of the region.


Elevate your hookah experience to new heights by harmonizing the Ascent Tradi Bowls with the precision-engineered ONMO Heat Management Device (HMD) and the superior performance of our meticulously crafted Superior Hookah Charcoal. The fusion of these elements culminates in an unparalleled and elevated hookah session, where every puff becomes a journey of unrivaled satisfaction.