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Ferris Phunnel Bowl

Ferris Phunnel Bowl

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Ferris Phunnel Bowl Product Details:

Introducing the Ferris Bowl.

This is about 4.375 inches tall, 3.375 inches in full diameter but has an inner bowl diameter of about 2.5 inches with a step that will hold your Kaloud Lotus. The Lotus will fit in the bowl with little movement and still have enough room to breathe.

This bowl is hand made in the US using American Clay by clay artisans.

Also, just in case you are wondering, the Ferris Bowl will work just fine with foil as well!

Ferris Phunnel Bowl from Hookah Vault: 

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Product Disclaimer: 

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Ferris Bowl FAQs:

Why Should I Purchase a Ferris Bowl from Hookah Vault?

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Pair up the Ferris Phunnel Bowl with Lime (#39) 250g or Guajava (#68) 250g for an optimal hookah experience.