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Steamulation Ultimate - Clear

Steamulation Ultimate - Clear

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Steamulation Ultimate Hookah Product Description: 

 Steamulation® ULTIMATE - the pinnacle of Steamulation® Shisha creations. Boasting all Steamulation® innovations of the past 7 years, such as AirFlow Control, Advanced Diffuser and Purge Pro, this four-hose masterpiece also introduces two brand-new world premieres. The DUAL CONNECTION SYSTEM allows unprecedented flexibility and customization of the shisha without the need for any adapters. Moreover, MOON GRAVITY tech uses fluidic optimization to reduce the weight force of valve balls by 83%, creating a smoke experience like no other. Maximize your draft and enjoy the ultimate hookah experience!

Product Disclaimer:

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Steamulation Hookah FAQs:

Why Should I Purchase a Steamulation Hookah from Hookah Vault?

At Hookah Vault, we are dedicated to providing the finest tobacco, shisha, hookah charcoal, hookahs, and accessories from cultures around the globe. We are committed to upholding our quality standards, and personally source and test each product. We take pride in the hookah community and seek to share our enthusiasm for the hookah culture with all. Join us in our exploration of a new and exciting hookah experience.

Pair up the Steamulation Ultimate (Clear) with one of the industry leading Heat Management Devices Provost ll and premium Hookah Coals