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Mason Shishaware - Spheryx (Mint)

Mason Shishaware - Spheryx (Mint)

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Mason Shishaware - Spheryx (Mint) Product Description:

  • Product Brand: Mason Shishaware
  • Product Category: Hookah Bowls
  • Bowl Type: Egy
  • Bowl Capacity: 14-17 grams
  • Product Color: Mint

Due to popular demand we bring you our latest hookah bowl to the Mason lineup. The SPHERYX. Spheryx features 6 triangular holes in a classic traditional egyptian style configuration with a slightly curved concave pack area to entice the flavors to stay in your bowl for longer lasting sessions. Perfect for those flavors that smoke more effectively without a phunnel design.

Spheryx is made from our proprietary Shishaware clay mixture and goes through a casting and hand finishing process to give you a consistent performing product with quality you can rely on.

Depending on dark leaf or blonde leaf and different pack methods the Spheryx holds between 14-17 grams and is compatible with most popular HMDs

About Mason Shishaware:

 Mason Shishaware was established in 2016 amongst a few select providers of premium hookah items. Our mission has always been to create and present exquisite products that not only catch the eye, but also perform exceptionally. We draw on the knowledge of industry experts and customers' feedback to introduce eye-catching items any enthusiast would be proud to own. We strive to set a new bar for the hookah experience. Our pieces are expertly crafted by experienced artisans in the USA and comprise of a team of true Hookah lovers, a renowned Clay Artisan, and an accomplished Industrial Designer. Our objective is to provide superior products to the Hookah community that merge aesthetics with excellent performance. We are working to expand the hookah experience by continually striving for new standards. But what is Shishaware? It is our exclusive clay blend designed to optimize hookah sessions. This mixture is specifically made from stoneware clay known for its capacity to withstand thermal shocks. As one of the superior heat conductors

Buy Mason Shishaware from Hookah Vault: 

 Hookah Vault, situated in Los Angeles, CA, is a verified retailer of Tangiers. Our exclusive flavors are unparalleled and our selection of premium products diverse. Enjoy a swift delivery and explore our extensive range for an incomparable Hookah Vault experience.

Product Disclaimer: 

You must be 21 years or older to purchase this product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Due to the small form factor Stynger is best used with foil and provost setups only.

Mason Stynger works well with blonde leaf or dark tobacco. But it was made to smoke dark leaf tobacco like Tangiers Tobacco or Musthave Tobacco.


Mason Stynger bowls are optimally utilized when paired with Premium Hookah Coals and Tangiers Shisha.