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Mason Shishaware - Stynger (MOA Edition)

Mason Shishaware - Stynger (MOA Edition)

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Mason Shishaware  Stynger (MOA Edition) Product Description

  • Product Brand: Mason Shishaware
  • Product Category: Hookah Bowls
  • Bowl Type: Phunnel
  • Bowl Capacity: 8-12 grams
  • Product Color: Red/Black


The Stynger (MOA Edition) is a micro capacity bowl packed with power. Boasting a capacity of 8-12 grams, this bowl allows you to maximize your stash. Elevating your smoking experience, you can enjoy up to double the amount of sessions from the same amount of shisha. This shisha-saving design is built to help you get the most out of your money.


Maybe you want to make the most of a single container of flavor, or experiment with a new blend, or take part in a quick solo smoke session--Mason Shishaware - Stynger (MOA Edition) is ideal for this. A tightly packed mix ensures that no flavor is wasted.

Stynger is different than any other are other bowls in the lineup in that it features our handthrown white shishaware claybody, which is designed to give a more forgiving foundation in regards to heat which is important in a low capacity form factor. 

About Mason Shishaware:

Mason Shishaware originated in 2016 during a time when only a handful of companies were dedicated to the luxury premium hookah sector. Our core objective has always revolved around crafting and presenting top-notch products to the Hookah community, products that not only have visual appeal but also deliver exceptional performance. We draw upon the expertise of our industry professionals and also take into account feedback from our valued customers to drive innovation and bring forth fresh, captivating items that any enthusiast would be eager to embrace. Our collective efforts are aimed at elevating the standards of every hookah session.

Each one of our handcrafted pieces are made by skilled artisans who are masters of their craft, based right here in the USA. Our team comprises dedicated Hookah Enthusiasts, a proficient Clay Artisan, and a seasoned Industrial Designer. Our primary mission centers around introducing superior products into the Hookah community that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with high-caliber performance. Collaboratively, we work towards enhancing the experience of every hookah session, setting new benchmarks along the way. But what exactly is Shishaware?

Shishaware is our exclusive clay formula, thoughtfully developed to optimize your hookah sessions. This proprietary blend is specially crafted from stoneware clay renowned for its ability to withstand thermal shocks. As one of the finest heat conductors, stoneware clay ensures a gradual and thorough baking of the shisha, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the bowl and thereby guaranteeing a prolonged and flavorful session. To bolster your bowl's resilience against the extreme temperature fluctuations experienced during and after your sessions, we incorporate thermal resistant additives. The outcome is a robust bowl designed to endure countless sessions without compromising on quality.

Our bowl creation process is designed to ensure that each piece aligns precisely with the intended specifications of our designers. The result is a lineup of bowls that exhibit uniformity, durability, thermal resistance, and superior heat retention – all encapsulated within the essence of Shishaware.

Buy Mason Shishaware from Hookah Vault: 


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Product Disclaimer: 

You must be 21 years or older to purchase this product. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Due to the small form factor Stynger is best used with foil and provost setups only.

Mason Stynger works well with blonde leaf or dark tobacco. But it was made to smoke dark leaf tobacco like Tangiers Tobacco or Musthave Tobacco.


Mason Stynger bowls are optimally utilized when paired with Premium Hookah Coals and Tangiers Shisha.